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Legal Industry / anti social parasites

1 United States

Please allow me to give a good example of the twelve man jury system, as merely a tool to perform the evil actions of which are forced upon any citizen, in that they are to judge any contrary actions to law, in agreeing as to whether some one has acted offensively towards civil law. let us remember that God was tried four times and the first hearing took place at night, in open violation of established law. Personally, i have no ties to any man-made established religions. The jury penal system relies on juries to keep them in business just as the bail bonding racket fattens thousands of judges through under then table pay offs in allowing dangerous criminals back on the streets to commit more crimes before being tried first for an original offence. I mention religion merely because juries take an oath under the ( god ) of the state, as it travels deeper into the ancient mysteries in keeping modern day Babylonia on an even keel. The master key to control the criminals in power is the use of putting one under a sworn oath that carries a positive prison sentence, if one dares to oppose any legal set up that rustles the feathers of any criminal syndicate that holds sway in a state, county, or city administration. Yes, suckers head for the jury box in serving an evil system palmed off on misinfomed intelligences.

Further we must take a look at the nine appointees to the Supreme Court bench. This is a master criminal outlet of polished individuals in laboring to keep the national herd in ccntrol . Yes, nine humanoids sitting as representing democracy and the people’s interest. This is the mother of all lies. The key to control three hundred million people lies in the hands of one single individual to break ties in the court’s voting process. The President appoints an appointed individual with the advice of The National Bar Association, of which is loaded with anti-social legislation that is a counter too our to Republican form of government. In essence, this is a machine that aids in driving a supposedly free people in the furtherance of incipient universal socialism. Think of it. The tie breakers may compel our whole nation to live as appointed as an individual might desire, or rather doing the work of wire pullers in the back ground. My contention is that the Supreme Court jury and the national jury system is an evil system and needs to be over hauled.

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