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I found Rocket Lawyer on google search engine. I went straight away to creating document by clicking the link. At the end before I could print off the document, it required to enter payment info. And I had a look and so sure the amount being charged was $0. I didn't see anything about trail membership or other options regarding any memberships. (* they might have changed the interface or setting on the backstage anytime they like). But I am sure I wasn't presented to any choices of memberships or monthly fee before I submit my payment info. It was 12/31/2014. On 1/3/2015, I was shocked to see $99 was charged by Rocket Lawyer. I didn't received any invoice, no receipt either, no email regarding what this payment for. I logged in to the account they created for me ( I received email and was told they created an account for me to store my document after I submitted payment info, but nothing about fee and membership). So I found out my account was set to a monthly payment membership, which cost $40 per month. So I quickly downgraded it . But no way to remove the account and payment info.
I left message on their facebook page ( now all were deleted by them of course) I was told that $99 was a quarterly membership fee. I never agreed on signing up to be member with them, and of course never was my choice to choice to pay $99 quarterly membership. Rocket Lawyer is such a scammer. According to all these comments saying they are scammers, I have no choice but to cancel my credit card and file a dispute. Everyone beware and stay away from Rocket Lawyer.

Jan 4, 2015

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