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Legal Authority is a great way to make contacts with notorious law firms. I was skeptical upon first hearing about it, but after going through the process myself, I could highly recommend it. Legal Authority opened doors to me that were previously not available. The most tedious task of the job hunting market is the marketing aspect. With a company like Legal Authority, that task is obsolete. They take care of the networking as well as helping you critique your resume. You are assigned an employment advocate, mine was named Ryan, and he was very helpful. From this point forth, your advocate becomes more of an adviser or mentor. They are very helpful in leading you into the most rewarding job offers. Legal Authority has great contacts and I would highly recommend them to anyone aspiring to break into the law profession. You will not be disappointed. This was a very helpful career finding tool, and in this economy the more job offers you obtain, the better.


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      Sep 12, 2009

    Legal Authority Has Good Contacts. After a long time i get what i wanted. Legal Authority Has Excellent Service.They fulfills all the promises done by them. I Had a Great Experience With Legal Authority . Legal Authority is Not a Scam like other websites in same services. They Provides the largest database of legal employment opportunities in the world.Legal Authority prepares and sends targeted, self-initiated mailings to candidates to send out to employers.Many attorneys who have used self-initiated targeted mailing originally tried the other ways to find a job that you may have. It did not work for them either. Beyond even compensating for ineffective methods for location a position, however, Legal Authority provides you with the exposure to the most opportunities.The best thing about Legal Authority is that they provides individual support and helps to develop an individual job-search strategy for you.

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      Oct 20, 2009

    And I also had a great experience with Legal Authority if you consider bad contacts, poor customer service and resume mistakes great. Yeah, a great DISASTER and RIPOFF. Take a look around ataoldotcom and you'll find that there is good reason to suspect that you wok for the company. Especially because your witing sounds like an advertisement. Why don't you tell us moe about your experience. How long to it take to find a job? How many interviews did you get? What was the turn-around time for your resume and cover letter? How many times did YOU have to tell THEM to correct mistakes before you were able to send a respectable resume?

    If you can answer these questions then I might believe you. But if you lie and either work for the company or were paid to write your response then you are pobably breaking the law and verifying that the whole operation is a charade.

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