Legacy Fishermanscam artists that have disappeared!

I purchased a 2010 sea fox 236wa from legacy fisherman at the 2009 summer miami boat show. Our salesman was ron lees. We went to legacy's office the following monday to finish all the paperwork. And were told that our boat would be ready in 2 weeks for pick up. As per other complaints, that was not the case. We signed all documents on june 8, 2009 and did not receive out boat until august 29, 2009.

We were supposed to get it on july 15, 2009. We kept getting the run around that sea fox was having problems at their warehouse and that the boat building was delayed. I had to make a payment for a boat that was not even in my possession, but I made legacy give me that payment, since I threatened them that I would tell honda finance that I was paying for a boat that I did not have in my possession.

My biggest complaint is that in order for us to get the monthly payment we needed we made an agreement with legacy that they would pay us $75 for 36 months. We received a total of 7 payments from them and I have not been able to contact them since.

If anyone knows of a way for us to get the money we are owed from these shady characters, I would appreciate any information you may have.

May 17, 2017

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