LED BulbsBiggest fraud blane curry selling cheap leds!!

Blane Curry is doing very cheap business of LED Bulbs along with his business partners! Their service and product has given lot of disappointment

My experience with buying LED bulbs from Blane Curry was to buy a lot of 10 LED bulbs with a Lifetime Warranty . Within just a few months of ocassional use the LED bulbs started failing. Customer service failed to respond to my phone calls asking politely if they were aware of a quality problem.

The claimed selling point of these LED bulbs (for me) is their long life - claimed to be over 50, 000 hours .These bulbs from Energywise are lasting much less time than the cheapest dime store bulbs ! I deliberately bought thesse bulbs with a Lifetime Warranty to ensure a long service life. In fact both the bulbs and the warranty are totally worthless.

After one polite inquiry about this problem to the owner Blane Curry, this devious company blocked all communication to them. They also blocked all PayPal transactions.This was to prevent any refunds or charge backs? This despite having paid them promptly & giving them perfect 100% Feedback promptly after I received the bulbs.So they actively prevented me from persuing even an equiry . There should be very strict action taken against this company for the fraud they are doing also make sure the company closes down!.

I could see many many consumer complaints about Blane Curry whose behavior is the worst personally and professionally! No one is happy with the LED bought from them!

LED Bulbs

Jan 29, 2017

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