Lease Financial Group / Fradulent activiy

1 65 east wacker place #510, Chicago, IL, United States

On November, 10 2010 a representative from Payment Systems came to
my store to offer a credit processing service, assuring a reduction in cost by
one half the amount that my current processor has. The agreement was a flat
rate of getting 1% on qualified credit and 0% on debit transactions if I accepted to
sign up for a 48-month lease agreement with Global leasing company who they
were affiliated with.. After I signed up
with them and after receiving the first and second statement, I noticed that
the overall charges were higher than the previous processing company contrary
to the agreement.

I tried to contact the representative and/or someone in the company
to explain the charges and to provide me with online access to my account with
them. After many attempts, I was informed that they will email me with a
password to get access online to check my statement. This never happened and
they never answered my calls after that to assist me or answer my inquiries.

On December, 16 2010 I emailed a cancelation notice and a request
to send back their equipment. Then I tried several times to contact them to
assure delivery of the fax to no avail, I then sent the equipment back.

I have received several bills from Lease Finance Group to pay the
monthly charge of $218.00 plus late and finance charges for non-payment. I have
received many calls and threats to pay the full lease amount which I forwarded
to my attorneys at Law. I explained the events and the attorney sent a letter
to void the lease due to misrepresentation and fraud. Lease Finance group never
stopped harassing me on the phone at all hours, and now have threatened a pre-judgment
against me personally in New York. Saying I owe them $13, 859.56 for a machine I
do not have or have terminated due to mis leading information to get me to sign.

I have now submitted complaints to the Attorney General of the New
York and Chicago after collecting information in regards to Lease Finance
Groups negative dealings in the united sates.

I am looking forward to fighting this company’s unfair and
fraudulent representation, in addition to voiding the agreement based on their

Jul 26, 2014

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