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LeapFish / boiler room

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Boiler room sales tactics selling phony "investments" in internet key words. Serial con artists masquerading as entrepreneurs. This company targets sells web advertising on a search engine aggregation site. They use boiler room tactics, and make promises about the value of the key words they sell. They tell you they are basing this value on Googles searches. Then they tell you that your key word will grow in value just like web addresses names did when the internet first bloomed 15 years ago. They are very aggressive sales people, and they have no issues sending accounts to collection - even when they are ALREADY COLLECTED.

The last company the managers had was called ePerks, an advertising site for real estate agents. It went bankrupt in November 08, right before LeapFish opened. ePerks screwed a lot of small real estate people - search the web for never ending stories.

These guys are serial con artists who operate just inside the letter of the law. AVOID THEM!

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  • Ki
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    LeapFish - advertising
    The Traveling Vineyard
    United States

    This company will not stop calling me to 'advertise on their website at no cost to me'. I receive 2-3 calls a week and each time when I call back, I can never reach a live person, even when I select to talk to the operator. I have emailed and called asking to be removed from their system because I am not interested in this bogus company. It's absolutely ridiculous how much they call and each time it's a different salesperson.

  • Fa
      27th of Apr, 2010
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    They've been cold calling my company from this number (925-201-5358) and have not responded to repeated requests for them to stop.

  • As
      14th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    After being cold called by LeapFish -- I asked some of the people already advertising in my category (selling natural soap). I got this email back:

    Hi Ashley,

    This is the home email address for ****** Soap! because I'm closed on Mondays. I'm glad you asked me about LeapFish.

    I've seen absolutely NO change in traffic to my website. I wish I hadn't done this.

    Good luck with your online advertising. Who's ever heard of LeapFish, anyway??


    And I responded with this:

    THANK YOU!!! Someone called me from LeapFish and tried to get me to buy adverting. It seemed like a really good idea, but then I looked at the BBB and they have a D- rating. So I thought I'd ask before I spent the $750. They said "handmade soap" was already taken, but that I could have "handmade soaps". They also said that all three people (this includes you) that purchased the keyword Handmade Soap, had repurchased again the next year because they were so happy with the increased traffic to their site. It seemed strange to me that people would be repurchasing the key word handmade soap (so they've had it for more than one year), but not even one person has purchased the keyword handmade soaps (with an s).

    They also said they were in the top 1% of sites that had the most traffic. I looked that up (on a site that shows you how much traffic other sites get) and their ranking in the US is 2, 590. I believe they flat out lied!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. I'm happy I didn't pay the $750 (I was really close).

    You're the best!


  • Kk
      25th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hi Ashley,

    You are much smarter than I. I believed their lies. They did everything mentioned above plus they promised support since I hadn't done this before. I received nothing AND just like Dianna, nothing ever changed or improved with the traffic. I contacted them 4 times trying to get help and then get out of it and received nothing but 'you just have to wait' for good results. I feel so dumb but it helps a little to know that I'm not the only one.


  • Wm
      4th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    The Scam association and thieves known as "Leapfish" have no intent to deliver what is promised. They are very competent con artists that call unsuspecting companies and offer to increase their business traffic - They claim to do this by promising a banner in one of three positions, but these when they show can only be reached when some poor soul uses their Leapfish search engine (much lower grade than Google or other ethical companies) They promote Leapfish as taking over the lead in search engines because they offer direct links to Facebook, Twitter and other social media (Big Deal!) They swindled me out of $1500 and did not deliver any of what was promised. Leapfish placed an incorrectly worded banner under PUR water filters, which my system is not, but the Sales "Expert", one of the Know Best variety, assumed that any water that is micro-clustered and 4 to 5 times less expensive than any bottled water must be PURE & filtered - He then claimed after 6 months of supposedly running that my banner had received 15, 000 hits. This Leapfish company is based on lies - there was not even one request for free information as a result of these "hits".

    So, if you must donate money, give to your local charities or a child's education. Do not fund these thieves, who try to extort more money to continue another year on what was supposed to have been a "lifetime" use of the name. The even said the name could be sold to recoup the original value after the value increased. These insubordinate liars refused such a sale even though the price had, according to them, increased!

    If interested contact me at - I should be only too glad to help these ### out of business.

  • Wm
      4th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    They are liars, con-men and criminal. They take money from others and give nothing in return - That is the definition of "CRIMINAL" - Buyer be ware - Do not go there!

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