leanslimultra and leanslimcleanse / false advertising

1 United States

I replied to a free ad for two trials of these products, paying on my visa a £4.95 postage charge. On receipt of the items I received a delivery note in exceptionally small print and quite long winded. I read it with difficulty and am glad I did, as in the midst of it was a mention that about £60 would be taken from my account on a monthly basis for future supplies. I am registered disabled, I am unable to work since an RTA in 2005 and cannot afford this. I am writing to the company, once I find an address as it is not on the delivery note, only telephone numbers in Canada!! I cant afford to ring them on my mobile. What I thought was worth a try has become quite the opposite. I will not be trialing anything else 'free' online again! This company is totally misleading people with the advertising of a free trial!!!

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