Lean Life / Ripped off

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I was also taken by this company. We went into a survey for a free laptop. The catch was you had to choose 3 product trials and this was one I chose. They were only supposed to charge me for shipping and handling which was "supposedly" only $1.99, come to find out they charged my debit card for $97.41 for a future purchase. I went to my bank and was told I could dispute the charges, I will not know the outcome until the case is investigated. I also called Lean Life PM and I was told I was charged $97.41 because I made an agreement to be a member. I never knowing agreed to this claim. I hope and pray they do not make any more charges because the only way to stop the charges is to cancel you bank card account which I am doing. I can not believe they get away with this. Hope this helps someone before they get ripped off.

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