Leaf InternationalI am totally cheesed off with Leaf International

I have an HTC Vox of less than a year old and it has been in for repairs abt 7 times. Every time I take it in, it only works for a week or 2 & then something else breaks again. And then it is usually in for a month at a time.

I can't even remember what the 1st problem was, but I know the main board (motherboard) has been replaced 3 times & the battery has also been replaced once.

Every time I tell them to fix it properly this time & every time they tell me they will replace the main board and then it is practically a 'new' phone. Well, HTC must be the only phone brand where a 'new' phone breaks every *** week!

Now the screen goes every after 5 seconds every time I do something, whether it be internet, sms, checking a number... everything.

What cheeses me off even more is that every time they change the main board I lose all my data. I didn't mind the first time or two but this is now getting ridiculous.

I also refuse to drive to the centre again to bring my phone in for 'repairs' because it disrupts my life having to take off work just to bring in my phone that keeps breaking.


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