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Le Chef Kitchen Designs LLC / Kitchen design scam

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Contact information:
Le Chef Kitchen Design LLC
4360 Redwood Dr
Olive Branch
We contracted with Gerard Holbach of Le Chef Kitchen Designs LLC of Olive Branch, MS in July of 2008 to provide kitchen design and purchase cabinets for us. He took our money and never provided the cabinets. We have a judgement against this crook and are now compiling information for criminal litigation. He has done this to many many people. I have names and phones numbers of others that would love to share their horror stories of what this conartist did to them. He is a slick talking Frenchman who is very aware of the laws and how to avoid jail time and/or repaying what he has stolen from others. According to one of the cabinet companies he has previously done business with, several of the "designs" on his website are not his, but their own designs. Do not hire this man-he will take your money and run.


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A  3rd of Apr, 2009 by 
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We paid Gerard Holbach to help with our Kitchen, he took the money and did nothing. He is complete scam artist and con man. Please do not do business with this ###!
N  22nd of Apr, 2009 by 
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Steve Cox from Arran Kitchens actually ordered their cabinets and then had to change their cabinets 3 times.
N  30th of May, 2009 by 
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Total conatrist, took our money too and did noting. MAny peole have been ripped off my this man.
N  30th of May, 2009 by 
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Gerard Holbach cashed our check and performed no services whatsoever. He is a conartist that goes around and takes peoples money and then has a million excuses. The police are on to him. If you have a case aginst Gerard Holback please contact the MS Police at the Desoto Co. Sheriffs office. He is very smooth, so, please use extra caution when dealing with this conman.
N  6th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Gerard Holbach has a brain the size of a planet. He gave my dog cpr and saved its life. Immediately afterward he lifted a car above his head- JUST FOR FUN! What a true Renaissance Man (and a real gentleman).

P.S. Did I mention he can FLY horses?!
D  7th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Barry Politi, (MD??) who has been denied medical licensure in several states due to dishonesty and failure to prove good moral character, has started a smear campaign against Le Chef Kitchen Designs. They reneged on a kitchen redesign and expected their minimal deposit back after the deposit had already been paid to the granite supplier. The granite supplier has refused to refund their deposit. Nevertheless, Barry Politi has filed unfounded charges and has engaged in libelous and fraudulent activity directed against Le Chef Kitchen Designs. He has stolen the identity of Gerard Holbach of Le Chef Kitchen Designs and has posted a fake profile on Facebook, pretending to be Gerard Holbach, defaming his character. The Mississippi State Board has been notified of his illegal behavior. Mississippi will be yet another state in which Politi will be barred from practicing medicine soon. Politi was kicked out of the University of Mississippi's residency program because of "lack of judgment in stressful situations, lack of insight into patient problems, deficiency in medical knowledge and development of an appropriate differential diagnosis. He was removed from the residency program and from clinical duties. He was also denied state licensure in the state of Ohio and other states. (See Politi v. State Medical Board of Ohio, 2007) The decision of the state medical board was affirmed, permanently denying Politi his application for licensure in Ohio. This man is without moral character and extremely dishonest. He is harassing the family and friends of Gerard Holbach of Le Chef Kitchen Designs. There are MANY pleased and grateful customers of Le Chef Kitchen Designs who love their redesigned kitchens and refer their friends. Barry Politi is an aberration. His complaints are unfounded. Beware this man. To quote the police chief, "these people (Politi and his wife) are crazy". This is not over. They will answer for their behavior.
N  7th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Gerard Holbach is a complete crook. Just look at Shelby County General Sessions court and you will find court cases in which judgments were placed against. Also look at Desoto County - there are more there. The FBI, District Attorney, local police departements, state tax commission and Internal Revenue Service are after this man who has apparently skipped the country. Don't believe one postitive word about this man. The truth is found in the multiple court cases against him.
A  8th of Jul, 2009 by 
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This is Politi. I have been asked to tell my story. First off, Gerard Holbach is somewhat correct, yet irrelevant. My license was denied. The reason – being fired as a resident while not reporting mental health problems/performance issues to the licensing board. I received no jury trial. I have since then conquered these issues, as well as completed another residency program in good standing, and boy… it was not easy.

As did the others (above), we paid Holbach up front to do remodeling on our home, about four thousand dollars, I think. He came over and made some drawings, but no work was done whatsoever. He then left the country to France. We reported it to the Police, but were told it would be a civil matter. I since then have located two others that were ripped off by this complete conman, and I am now told that now there are several others. I spoke to his wife once and the home owners one time, and they denied any knowledge of his scam. Otherwise, I have had no contact with his family, etc. Last month the police said it’s being re-investigated, as there were many victims. I doubt he will have the courage to return to the USA and face charges.

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