Ldoone / false advertising, very poor quality

1 Austin, United States

Stay away from this company before you become a victim!!!. I have ordered a few rings and jewellery items from them. "Blazing Red Quartz" is a piece of plastic glued on top of something red, you can see the glue line!!! Another ring that I have not worn is 18K gold over brass, it was very brown when I got it! I have another ring that I returned because it was a cheap copper or bronze not gold over a metal. I sold a few, and I have to replace one ring because the metal has turned murky yellow instead of silver when it came. I was so ashamed about it. Watch out when you bid. The
price you enter might not be the price you finally have to pay. I entered $4 and the winning price with my name was $8.

Aug 11, 2014

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