LBC Walter Mart Sta. Rosa and LBC Muntinlupa / Delayed delivery of package

1 Sta Rosa and Muntinlupa, PH

3/24/2017 5:09:14 PM
Went to LBC Walter Mart, Sta. Rosa to send a package. Contents - passport and itinerary ticket to Australia
Sender: Logronio, Rhea Verano
Consignee: Returan, Lei
Delivery Date as per transaction receipt: 3/25/2017
Transaction No.: [protected]

Flight Details: 3/28/17 12:05 AM. Passenger needed to be at the airport at least 4 hours before the flight, hence target time is 6pm. Instructions will have to be given to the passenger first (this is his first international travel). Passport and itinerary is requested to be with the passenger morning of 3/27/2017.

3/25/2017 (Sat) - no delivery received, no advice from LBC
3/26/2017 (Sun) - no transaction
3/26/2017 (Sun night) - called customer service, Agent: Matt, Status: delivered in Muntinlupa warehouse only Sunday, commitment delivery 7am of 3/27/17
3/27/2017 (Mon 7am) - called customer service, Agent: Mike, Status: still in warehouse, Muntinlupa office is not open until 8am
3/27/2017 (Mon 8am) - called customer service, Agent: Karen, Status: still in warehouse, she called Warehouse supervisor of Muntinlupa to expedite delivery, advised delivery time before 12NN.
3/27/2017 (Mon 10am) - called Walter Mart, Sta. Rosa branch to confront LBC personnel who transacted last 3/24 (JohnChristopher Fiesta), advised he's not reporting to office until 12NN so asked status of transaction instead. Advised package was tagged out for delivery at 9:37am. Gave contact numbers of Muntinlupa branch but both is not functioning.
3/27/2017 (Mon 11:50 am) - called customer service to ask status, Agent: Gail, Status: still out for delivery, expected time before 4pm, no contact on the courier.
On same call, escalated to customer service supervisor Lovely, as advised, "ginagawan naman ng paraan". She called daw the warehouse supervisor of Muntinlupa to ask courier. Can it be not prioritized already? She said no, kasi masisira ang route ng courier. Courier cannot set a time "daw" but ensures the package be delivered earlier than 4pm (3pm maybe?)

Given that the package should have been delivered last Saturday, can this be not a priority already? I highly suggest you review the recordings in the series of conversations. Several efforts have been made already. This has caused ruckus and high level of stress to the sender as well as the consignee who's expecting the package delivered to them supposedly last Saturday. Then today, its as if the package is treated "normal", with no urgency and criticality in it, DESPITE SEVERAL FOLLOW UPS. Where is customer care in all of these?

Please do not ignore this concern! This event is totally against the objective of customer service. I am complaining for both LBC Walter Mart Sta. Rosa branch for a very slow processing and LBC Muntinlupa branch for not treating this as priority despite several follow-ups. As per writing time 2: 23 pm, package has not yet been delivered. This is really very frustrating! My trust to LBC is totally gone.

Rhea Logronio
Very Disappointed Customer

Mar 27, 2017

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