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LazBoy Furniture / Poor quality products!

1 5225 Johnson DrivePleasanton, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 925-463-1243

We bought a leather sofa and loveseat set from the Pleasanton, CA store in December. It was a Christmas gift to the family. We paid $4000 and looked forward to our first new furniture in a long time. It was delivered a week later and we immediately noticed that the quality with respect to cushion filling was not the same as the floor model we had based our decision on.

We contacted the store. They referred us to customer service. Customer service asked us to send photos. We did. They sent a "technician" to our home who proceeded to cut open the back of the sofa cushion in order to stuff more poly filling in. Then he crudely sewed it up and mentioned that it would probably be flat again in 6 months.

I contacted customer service immediately to inform them that this was not acceptable and to request action or a refund.

Customer service ignored us for 2 weeks. I sent messages to their corporate customer service address and to the CEO. Apparently the CEO forwarded a copy of my email to customer service and I was contacted to inform me that they had reviewed the case and were now considering the matter closed. The local customer service called and requested more pictures.

The store manager has not returned any of several phone calls throughout the whole ordeal. And now local customer service has gone back into hiding also.

We have filed a dispute with our credit card company. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. And I have also contacted a local TV station's consumer assistance office.

I am totally blown away that a company with such a brand name reputation -- admittedly perceived on my part -- would operate with such total and blatant disregard for its customers after they've got your money.

Shortly after filing our complaints with LazBoy, we went back to the store to confirm our suspicions about the difference in quality and discovered the floor model was gone. This apparently is how the company operates its bait, switch, and hide scheme. Apparently it's the company's M.O. from top to bottom -- CEO to store sales personnel.

I will post any updates, good or bad, for others to learn what works and what doesn't. I really wish I had done a little homework before buying... but then, I really never would've thought it possible to encounter such issues with a name brand company.

Caveat emptor, as they say...

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  • Sb
      12th of Jun, 2008
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    I purchased a chair/ottoman(along with a sofa and recliner) in Dec. 2007 from Lazyboy in Houston, Texas and I have had the same results with the quality of the chair. They replaced the polyfoam in the same manner...and the tech that came out was not helpful...stuffed it in the chair and basically told me it would not hold up. I have tried to get someone of authority to come out but no one will. All they will do is look at pictures sent by email. The back top of the chair is dented in and they say that is the "relaxed" look and all their chairs look the same. I know this is not true. I had lazyboy furniture for 18 years that looks better than this chair. It is a print and it is next to impossible to fully see the problem in a picture but no one will help me. I will never buy from them again and I will make sure no one I knows does either. They do not stand behind their products. I looked for 6 months and kept going back to lazyboy because of the quality I had in the past. I obviously did not do my homework. It is very disappointing.

  • Sh
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    I too am having a problem with pillows for my new couch wish i would have read these complaints first before I bought. This problem has been going on for 7 months the material was not sewn right to start and pulled loose I sent them to be fixed and got the pillows back in sorry condition, looked like a kid had sewn it, the store had me called customer service who said they would have to redo the pillows as they could'nt be repaired well many months later I got one small pillow back in the mail via ups remade I called to ask about the other one no one knew, the customer service lady michelle called to say it would be there in a week at the store, the store called to say it was in, I went to pick it up my 4th visit and guess what, my old couch pillows were there with there 2 kinds of different threads they sewed with in the first place coming loose, I told them they were suppose to be remade and I had got the small one already, the manager tony would not come to talk to me the young sales guy even said he would'nt put this pillow in his house from a new couch, I went home and called customer service michelle was on the phone again as I had wrote down the name of who I talked to before who said the pillows would have to be remade, she denied she said this, why would I make this up and who ordered the new small pillow they did, she said the pillows were up to there quality of standard, I told her no one would buy their furniture if this was there standard, she seemed to be mad after this, I told her there is not much communication between their stores and customer service and she said this was'nt there problem it was the stores, why oh why then do they have a customer service if they don't handle any problems. So I know how all you other people feel lousy customer service and no one calls you back hardly. You have to bug them I will advise not to get furniture from them, I will probaly have to go to court for my pillows

  • Lt
      3rd of Jun, 2010
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    LazBoy Furniture - Never buy from them
    LaZBoy Furniture
    United States

    In 4/08 I spent 4000.00 on a couch from lazboy thinking I was going with a company with a name and good standing. Boy was I wrong. Within a year and a couple months the frame broke. They wanted about 180.00 to pick up and bring back the couch plus 60.00 an hour to fix the problem. Now 2 years into this the material is ripping and I can only wonder what they will charge me to fix that. I will never buy from them again and would sway anyone thinking on doing the same. Remeber to check the fine print in your warrany service. I know I should of.

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