Laz Boy FurniturePoor store service

My husband and I went to this store after driving for an hour and a half based on answers to our phone calls. First, we were told there was a full “ten year warranty, ”-when we arrived, we were told it only covers the leather and we had to pay extra. Then AFTER we paid a deposit of 25%, we agreed that the balance would be due upon delivery. When the furniture arrived at the warehouse, the salesperson called demanding a credit card number before they would set up delivery. That wasn’t the agreement we made when we left the store and asked for the manager. The manager was very rude and told us that before he could approve that delivery-he would have to talk to “his boss”-even though they already had a sizeable deposit. Needless to say, “his boss” stated that their policy is prepaid prior to delivery and there is no getting around that. The paperwork that we were given does not say ANYTHING about prepaid before delivery-so we cancelled the order. Now we have waited 2 weeks for a refund that was supposed to take 5 days!! (which IS clearly stated in their own paperwork.) According to the manager, it is a corporate issue. Well, I say that “corporate” better change both their attitude and the attitudes of their store “Managers” or there won’t be a “Corporate” much longer!!
Don’t shop there for anything!!

Feb 08, 2015

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