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July 26, 2008

Are you interested in reporting the most outrageous, egregious abomination within the US Justice System?

I have been fighting to recover over $300, 000.00 for fourteen years from a suspended, convicted NY attorney.

This attorney has misappropriated escrow funds from three other clients that we know of, yet he was only suspended and not disbarred.

He attempted to file bankruptcy in order to escape his crime but I stopped that action.

I finally tracked down his accomplice in London and won a judgment in September, 2006 but not before his accomplice demanded a General Release from the disgraced lawyer.

The ignominy of being discovered as a cheat persuaded the dishonored attorney to continue his devious and vindictive ways by demanding tribute from his former client as a prerequisite to sign the General Release.

The English solicitor that won the judgment for me has yet to turn over the moneys to me, the client, because the disgraced attorney threatened legal action against the solicitor.

The amount of the tribute is $100, 000.00 and that is the amount at issue. Yet the English Solicitor has felt the need to hire his own US attorney ($176, 000 US as of September, 2007) to try to extricate him and his firm from this case. This is a frivolous action and should never have been a cause of action due to jurisdictional grounds and fallacious threats. Yet after all of these fees being extracted from my judgment proceeds (the solicitor’s escrow account) the English solicitor is still in the case as I forewarned him.

There was a hearing on January 25, 2007 to determine a trial date. The Judge usually has 60 days to give clients a trial date. Last week I received an e-mail from my attorney, after constant badgering, that the Judge recused himself and I am back to square one.

This is the most stressful, unbelievable and disgraceful display of anti-Justice and a violation of my sixth amendment rights.

If you have the courage to report the truth and expose the breakdown of our judicial system please contact me. Be forewarned this story is going to be delivered on a first come basis.



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