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Lawyer / Fraud

1 denmark, Norway

A certain David Wong called me about a year ago and offered to help me retrieve my money from people who scammed me from Asia. According to him he will not ask any fees until I get all my money back then that's the only time he will ask 15% commission. I trusted him because he always gives me update and documents regarding my case. According to him my money is somewhere in asia and he is currently in the philippines attending court trials of people responsible for taking my money. this has been the scene for more than six months so I trusted him because he is not asking any money. then a couple of months later I was very happy because according to him the court made it's decision and the people responsible ask a settlement to avoid jail time he said they will pay me $1.2 million and I must sign a document that I will not file any criminal charges against them. Then a few weeks later David and Marcus Bowen ask me to open an account in the philippines so they can deposit the money on that account I was hesitant at first but Later on agreed because I felt that he has been working hard for me for almost a year with out asking any money so I transfered $43, 000 on a bank in hongkong after a few days they ask me for money saying that the money is somewhere in asia and I need to pay the processing fee I started to suspect them because They transfered me to a woman whom I can't understand and she's claiming shes from hong kong then I started asking questions w hich irritated him alot then the calls stops. I was not able to reach them for more that 3 months now because the number they give in now invalid which was not when we we're doing the transaction. Becarefull all of you who was victimized via a scammed before this is a modus by the same people who took your money to get money from you again.

Jul 16, 2015

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