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I received a phne call about my payday loan on my home phone number. I was told that they had my numerous request for payment and without payment now it would go to courthouse.
When I asked them for proof of this; I was told that I would not be able to get any paper work until the money had been paid. I was also told that I had to pay this today.
I was suppose to write a letter saying I was sorry to the company. The told me word for word what to write. The second letter was giving the permission to withdraw the fund out of my account. Again they told me word for word what to write.
I was very suspious of this; so I did some checking. I found out that the number they called on wasn't even the company. It was a private cell number. When looked up the company on the web I found this site and two others.
I'm very glad I didn't agree to anything. If you get contacted, checked it out first. Most of all, DON'T GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!!!

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