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Law Offices Of Anderson Randolph and Price / Price threatening phone calls and unprofessionalism

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Today is December 7, 2006. I have been getting calls for several weeks from a Houston Texas #. Today I finally decided to answer the phone and see who it was. It was a man asking for a "Tony". I said "You have the wrong number". He then said "Is Anthony Carter there"? I said "Yes he lives here but hes out".

He then started asking personal questions. "Is he at his dealership"? I said "No he doesn't work there anymore". He said "Well where is he"? I said "Hes not in hes out". He just kept asking questions. He then said "Why did you tell me I have the wrong number"? I said "You asked for "Tony". He said "Well his name is Anthony, you don't call him Tony"? I said "No i don't his name is Anthony and i call him Anthony".

He just kept on. I was starting to get annoyed. He then said "My names Anthony people call me Tony". I said ok. He asked "Are you "the wife"? I said yes. He said "So your his legal wife"? I said "Were engaged". He said "So wheres Anthony working"? I was thinking "what is any of this his business"? I said "Hes doing construction right now.

He finally said "Can you take down my name and number"? I said "Yes, can you tell me who's calling"? He then gets smart with me and says "Yea, thats why i asked you to get a pen and paper". So i am looking for something to write with and he says "Come on come on whats going on"? I inform him that i am looking for something to write with.

I couldn't find anything so i just type it on my computer. He hears my children in the background and says "Hey you got some little ones huh". I said "Umm... yes". He then asks "So how old is Anthony 21, 22"? I say "yes"?

So he tells me his name which guess what? Its not Anthony! His name is Don West and he gives me the number. I am guessing he thought i was not intelligent enough to hear the number, so he says very slowly "So thats [protected]". I say "ok". He says "Now listen its very very very important that Anthony call me by noon". He then proceeds to say it again. I said "Fine", He says "I got 10:15 here, what time you got"? I said "10:18". He says "Ok so we on the same time zone". I said "uh huh". I was thinking "Why did he give me a 1877 number when i have caller id and can see where he called from"?

I found out from my husband that hes calling about a loan we did with a-1, and we haven't paid it back. This was over 2 years ago. We have moved and i have no idea how he got our unlisted phone number, where we live, where Anthony works, he knows how old he is, etc., because we live with my father and he has everything in his name.

la vergne, Tennessee


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  • Ch
      20th of Sep, 2009
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    Has anyone ever received any thing thru the mail from these people? I recently started getting messages left by "Stovall" the caller I.D said AndersonRandolph 713-776-3415. I have not received any collection notice in the mail. I never deal with people like this over the phone, I deal strictly with the written word. If anyone has their address please publish it, I would like to have it.

  • Ro
      24th of Dec, 2006
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    Dec 22, i got a call from an attorney at Anderson, Randolf, Price telling me that they represent a firm called Freedom Financial and that i had applied to them for a merchant card guaranteeing me a credit card. They were suppose deduct money from my account. I learned Freedom Financial on the internet is a rip off. He said i owed money because I declined after agreeing and he said to go ahead AND PAY $75.00. The next day he said he would put it on my credit report. I turned this into the ftc and the bbb in Florida and consumer affairs in Tennessee. Just to let people know, Freedom Financial is a scam, and this law firm is a SCAM. They are going to be involved in something they cant get out of.

  • An
      19th of Jan, 2007
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    Same here..they said I owed 60 bucks to a MRI office that I never even been to on that date....I am going to have someone look in to this company..they even called my grandparents asking about me...I don't even know my grandparents number.

  • Br
      22nd of Feb, 2007
    0 Votes

    Yeah, I just got word they have been calling my Mother-in-law's house for some reason asking for my wife by her married name. #1 she hasn't lived there in 5 years and number two, we've been married for three years. I might call them tomarrow and ask what they want, but I won't tell them anything.

  • Er
      8th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    I just got a call from these weirdos - on my new cell phone number that is not listed. I think they're calling due to an unpaid check at a cleaners - which is about $100. But I refuse to call them back - if I do they will surely call me non-stop...

  • Ro
      7th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    Received demand for payment letter for a company that I've never done business with (Business is in Tx and I'm in Tennessee ). Letter said that I'm late for paying $19 of which I've never received a bill, probably due to the fact that I've never been to an Orthopedic in my life.

    Not only am I sending a copy of their letter, but my reply to the Better Business B., but to my attorney as well. After seeing all of these complaints, I'm sure they are "hunting and pecking" trying to find someone who will pay without thinking.

    If they call my house - Then the gloves will be off and I'll file a suit against them.

    Another un-happy person.

  • Ja
      5th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    I was wondering, did these guys ever put anything on credit report? Freedom Financial tried to get me, but before they could deduct my bank account I stopped it. Now here it is, not even 2 weeks later, they are trying to charge me $110- 35 app fee... 35 no funds in the bank fee (which is not even true) and then 45 fee for trying to contact me and not being able to reach me. Now come on, these guys never tried to contact me. The lady states that Freedom Financial is a well known bank and will hurt my credit badly. I told her they needed to do what they needed to do. These guys are a big rip off, but good thing I did my research in time.

  • Ke
      3rd of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hey Amarie, why did you answer his questions about your husband. You made things bad now for your husband, way-to-go ! Your not too smart are you.

  • Ho
      10th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I get calls from this place several times a week saying that there is a claim against me and to call them back to give them my side of the story. I live in Houston, and its a Houston area code but have no idea on why they are calling me. I don't and haven't answered the call. If its that important then they can send me a letter.

  • Sa
      13th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was receiving phone calls via a recorded message that there was a claim against me and it was very important for me to talk to these people. My husband and myself knew we had nothing out there to be concerned about. We would just hang up thinking they had the wrong number. That went on for about a month. Last night I finally pushed O per the instructions and was then talking to a person. I ask him what was the problem and he ask me what number I was calling from. I repeated my home phone number. He then said he was looking for Matthew, my son and I told him no one by that named lived here. My son has not lived with me for 5 years, he is married and lives with his wife and child. He preceeded to find out more about him and I just repeated no one lives here by that name. He finally told me he would take my number off his list. All of you need to hang in there and do not let these people intimidate you in any way, it is against the law.

  • Sa
      26th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    What you people dont seem to understand is, "You all OWE someone MONEY" These people are hired by someone else to COLLECT on money you owe. Funny you all seem not to understand that. And how they find you is called SKIP TRACE. If you moved they get your new home address and any other information you have updated or changed with anyone that has given your info to any credit burea. I USED to owe people money...I dont anymore. Get with the program. Pay ur damn bills.

  • Ny
      14th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    SALLY JOE what you dont seem to understand is whats called ILLEGAL DEBT COLLECTION. You are completely off base. This company and several others have either bought old, extremely old debt that by law is written off the books. OR they are trying to tie someone to another person and have an acquaintance paid the bill.

    They use scare tactics such as "being sued" "a claim against you" "we will report this to your credit report" so forth and so on. They bully you and get you to make an emotional response. Legal debt owed by people is one thing, when a legit collection company calls, they first state "By law, I must inform you that this is an attempt to collect a debt, any information gathered is for that purpose" Junk collectors dont say that! WHY? Because the debt was a purchased debt, its not legally recognized anymore. If you pay on it, you revive it and then it becomes legal again and they know this.

    They also know that if you admit to having business with a company, you revive a written off debt. You HAD business with a company, you no longer do. This company has written off someone debt and they buy it for pennis on a dollar and BY LAW they can try, but BY LAW you have had that written off and your credit report has ALREADY BEEN HIT.

    SO Sally Joe, dont be so crass. These companies usually operate on one crooked attorneys license who is eligible or competent to work in normal litigation, he sells the use of his attorney license to people that work in an office under his name. They are not lawyers themselves or have had their own license revoked, they just use emotional and bullying tactics to collect old debt or unrelated debt. Its bottom feeding.

    SALLY JOE pay your own bills and dont be so naive.

  • Li
      6th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I just got called from this place and they asked for somebody who doesnt' even live here.

    Then the wanted his phone number and I said I didn't have it, they were looking for my brother.

    Apparantely he had my name down as a reference on something and he needed to call this lady back.

    It was some sort of claim.

    Not sure why they would even bother to call here for him, cause if I was put down a as a reference, then why don't they have his number?


  • Sa
      4th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    This guy just called me too. He wouldn't tell me what it was regarding until I definitely said who I was. When I told him I was that person, he starting asking if the person that answered the phone was my daughter. I told him that was none of his business. And he said that it was. So I did what Dave Ramsey says to do... I hung up on the gentleman.

  • No
      10th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Ok so I have tried to keep a good credit report and when I checked my report today I found a thing saying I owed this Anderson company saying I owe 481 for a satelite for a company in the town I went to college in. Well the initial purchase of the dish was in 2004, and I have paid the Dish network people and now all of a sudden after 5 years I apparently owe Anderson Randolph & Price money. I called and the guy AJ was telling me he couldn't take it off unless I paid. I told him I was not paying a damn dime because I thought it was funny that this just showed up on my credit report.

  • Ri
      2nd of Dec, 2009
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    Four yrs ago my podiatrist sent me to an orthopedic appliance outfit in the Houston area to have some inserts measured made for my diabetic shoes. The tech said he couldn't sell them to me because my shoes were too worn out and that I would have to buy new ones for the "appliances" to be effective. My shoes, at the time, were less than a month old and had cost $450.00. When I objected to that he said for me not to worry, that he would have his nurse call the Medicare office to explain the situation and find out if I qualified for a replacement pair. Within a few minutes he returned stating that Medicare had approved the replacement and that my "total out-of-pocket co-pay would be $78.00 and change". I paid it, was measured for the new shoes and impressions were taken for my "orthopedic appliances", which turned out to be about the same thing as the "Dr. Scholl's" products you can buy at the checkout counter in Wal-Mart. My Medicare statement shows that the amount submitted by the company was "rejected" and indicated that they had determined that because I had apparently been misled and that the provider had not followed their protocol and was told, by Medicare, not to pay the bill. When I called to find out why I was told it was because 1) I had already used my annual allowable for "diabetic shoes" for that year and would not re-qualify for new ones until the following year, 2) that the provider had submitted a "falsified invoice" for re-imbursement, and 3) because the invoice did not contain the proper "coding" for the merchandise I was sold. The Medicare agent also advised me that this provider has a long history of this type of shenanigans and they are currently taking the necessary steps to have them removed from the list of "approved providers". Almost immediately I started getting "revised Invoices" from the company saying that I owed them $390.00 that Medicare refused to pay. Now they say that it was for my deductible. If anyones familiar with Medicare you know that you only pay one "deductible" of $135.00 yr. I sent them the copy of the letter I received form Medicare telling me not to pay them and why. Next thing I know this Andersen, Randolph & Price starts calling me leaving voice msg's. I call back at least 10 times asking for the person who called and he was always "away from his desk". The amount I supposedly owe has come down to $175.00 but I still refuse to pay it because of what Medicare told me. I took the merchandise back to the provider and they refused to accept it. I left it on the counter and walked out and the woman followed me outside and put the bag on the hood of my car telling me to take my nasty shoes with me! These people call me at least 3 X's per day, 7 days a week. I do not answer their calls, I do not "push O" to talk to them and I do not return their messages that "a claim has been filed in my office". They have lately begun calling from a different number and if I do answer I always blow my whistle into the phone and they hang up... LOL! I have reported them to the DA's office, to AT&T, the BBB, Medicare and none of it has done anythng to make it stop.

  • Ab
      13th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Last night my husband got a phone call from 1-877-649-1693. The woman asked for me and when my husband told her I wasn't home, she proceeded to tell him she was with Anderson, Randolph & price (said it too fast for him to understand) and I owed $13.32 for a medical bill back in 2.11.02. We never received a letter from Anderson, Randolph and Price trying to collect and we did not remember me going to this medical center seven and a half years ago. The woman, (identified as Shelly) told him if he did not pay over the phone immediately, she would report it after getting off the phone.
    When my husband said he would pay the amount when we received a bill, she would not agree to that. Just continued to threaten to report it last night if he did not pay. He hung up the phone.

    I called back and asked for Shelly. Once on the phone she was so sweet, telling me how she called me because she wanted to help protect my credit as I only owed $13.32. If my bill had been $5, 000.00 she would have just reported it. I advised her I am not in the habit of not paying my bills and I would need to verify the charges with the company who sold this outstanding bill to Anderson. At first she would not give me the information, continued with the speel of me having to pay while on the phone, until I advised her I would be filing a formal complaint with the BBB and anyone else I could find. She then retracted, supposedly received approval from her supervisor to give me until 2p.m. today to call back and pay. If I do not, she will report it.

    I contacted the billing department at the Medical Facility that I supposedly owed the money to. Because of the timeframe, it will take some time for them to pull any record they might have from their Archive Dept. The billing clerk said she will make some phone calls but I don't think I will be able to call back at 2p.m. I don't have a problem paying my bills but I refuse to be railroaded and threatened in this way.

  • 32
      1st of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    They have been taken to court in my state for breaking consumer fair practice laws and have been sued for which a large sum of money was awarded by a jury. Repeated harassing phone calls (over 1500) which came in every day every 2-3 minutes and on holidays, they even called my work number and I told them that the number was a pravite number and Not to call it again .They continued to call my home even after there was a cease and decease letter sent to them from my attorney. I kept records of the time and the calls they usually did not say anything but I could hear please call Mr Stovell faintly in the back ground. When I received the first letter from them called and told that I had returned to items in question. Call the company in question and was told YOU OWE . It is NOT so much about the money as much as it is about letting colllection agencies know that they can not break laws and by harrassing consumers. They did not make any attempts to go to court for any of the pretrail hearings or the trail. They were even called a week before the trail. Hope that this seds yhem a message.

  • 32
      1st of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    There address is:
    Anderson, Randolf, Price, LLC
    10039 Bissonnett, Suite 77036
    Houston TX 77036
    Phone Number: 713-776-3415 1-866-776-3415
    They have several others also.
    Do NOT let them Bully You!

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