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Stephanie Squires committed perjury on the stand. She is a liar and unethical lawyer.

She failed to serve a party with a proof of service, ATROS, and Summons. She lied on the stand stating that she had done so. There was a transcript proving that she did not and could not have served the party...that she was committing perjury on the stand. Judge Katrina West knew Squires was lying, but she used this statement by Squires to take away sole physical custody from a single working mother and gave 50/50 custody to a deadbeat unemployed dad (medical student) and is now beginning residency program working up to 80 hours per week! This perjury committed by Squires formed the basis of the Judge's reasoning for changing custody...stating that the mother had violated a court order and restraining orders...which she did not because she had never received the important documents from Squires! (Plus Commissioner Gassner denied the ex-parte motion to prevent the mom from moving!).See Top 10 Worst Companies in Claremont, CAJudge Katrina West did this because the now unemployed (and on California Welfare for the first time) single mother filed a complaint against the judge's friend in the Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse (Comm. Gassner). The toddler is suffereing from the court's order. Evidence proves the four invoved on the father's side were in collusion to take custody from the mother - even though no evidence was presented to warrant taking sole custody from the mother.
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Squires caused harm to the 16-month-old little girl by lying on the stand. She should be held accountable for her lies. Without her lie, the mother would have retained full sole custody and her full-time employment.

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    Do not post about your case on this site. It won’t change anything. This site will not remove posts once on here. I’ve asked many times. Stop and think before posting. You are upset, maybe disillusioned if you’ve come here to post on this thread. Pray first. God will listen to your worries and fears, and will hear your pleas. Trust in him. He may not change things now. But trust that he knows all hearts, souls and minds. Do what is right no matter what is happening, and you will be rewarded when it really counts. Jesus (Yeshua) will return. Be ready.

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  • Lo
      Jan 30, 2009
    Law office of Stephanie Squires - Criminal Law
    Law office of Stephanie Squires
    2120 Foothill blvd
    La Verne
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I gave Ms.Squires $10, 000 to rep me in a criminal matter. I do not feel that I received adequate repersentation for the money I was required to pay.Ask alot of questions!!! Dont get taken advantage of...

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  • St
      Feb 05, 2009

    This is a false complaint. My office has not taken a criminal retainer for the amount stated. Nor have I received any notification of anyone complaining of inadequate representation. Should you wish to come forward and discuss your complaint, you can call the office at the number given.

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  • 4t
      Feb 21, 2009

    Ms. Squires is an unethical, inadequate lawyer that lies. Know this firsthand. I know of a previous client of hers who had to hire a second attorney because of inadequate representation by Squires. She should lose her license to practice law.

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  • Attorney for opposing side has forced removal of Katrina West Complaint by threatening to take a toddler from her mother. The mother did not make any posts and did not have anything to do with This is a cover-up. This forced removal of any and all mention of the case by threatening a mother, who has been victimized by the County of San Bernardino's judges, with loss of custodycan only be described as the result of a calloused and unethical attorney and this should be investigated. This is the act of a monster.

    This is the way they twist and distort and look for any and everything to take children away from good mothers.

    This attorney is making up evidence to argue for taking away custody of this toddler. This is a conniving, throw-the-baby-under-the-bus lawyer that obviously does not care about children. This is a disgrace. And to top it off, this is a female.

    I saw a post on another board warning mothers about females in family law court proceedings in this county. This, at least in this case, seems to be true.

    The two lawyers on the crooked side seem to be overly confident that they will win, that they are going to win. They are arrogant and brash. Nasty. Spiteful. This one is malicious to even bring up going for full custody for no reason. She knows the mother did not make these posts and did not start that website.

    One would have to ask, "Who is this attorney really working for anyway?" Really.

    And that question has been asked by many that hear what this attorney is doing in this case.

    This next trial would be a great trial for reporters to cover.
    Expose these corrupt lawyers and judges, for this is what determines the outcome of family law cases.

    If you have any information on any of the people involved in this case, make comments on this board.

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  • Ja
      Apr 23, 2017

    @Beware: Can’t delete own post Just sickening it's all about money and who you know. These poor kids need both parents. This is why there are so many troubled. Kids heart breaking

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  • 2j
      Aug 30, 2017

    @Beware: Can’t delete own post I'm going through the same after having this attorney represent me. We are horrified for our children right now.

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  • Rs
      Aug 01, 2010

    i totally agree i the beutifil brown sugar judge my selfshe was on my side but anoher judge overlud her orders .
    i have no childrens but a judicial lien agains me has nbeen recorded and yes thestate bar member wil ask a judge to discharge his mandetory duty and on in plain english to lie .you must be i rancho david williams was a family court judge in victorville and he wants to be a comidian and i told him to additionfor hbo.nw another of such judges are micheal sachs he wear suspenders and his pants go all the up to his chest .he looks like a harlequin have commisioner in the family law div none of them cares if one does no havmemberof the bar even if you havetherecources toretain a mouth piece we are not going to et the bestout of such services
    as i saidi dont have no children and i have a dv restraining over me for life as it has expired in 2006 but is still on every goverment computer {clets} as for that order a judge named fleuret advisided the respondent to go to the clerks office ad cfile such he then sgned the order the same day the hon west rulingd were overuled based on the favortism practiced as in victorville the rulings can get one killed {lemkau }respectshould work both ways

    i do fully understand what you are sayng because i am a victim also the DA is in the same clique

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  • Ji
      Sep 29, 2010

    This is not the lawyers! This is the judicial system we have in California. The new rules in California are...You have to prove the father/mother are bad to the child to give sole custody to one parent. I think it is a good rule. I got my son 50/50. They could not prove wrong-doing by me. I have a strong relationship with my son. Unethical...I don't think so...I just see a sore loser. Face it...If a Dad wants to have his child, A father(through his lawyer) will find a way.

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  • Ja
      Apr 23, 2017

    @Jimmy wilson Not true my son has been fighting to see or even talk to his son. He has always been a good dad. He's never been accused of not loving or harming his son. It has nothing to do with being a sore losers these are children we're talking about not a game.

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  • St
      Jul 26, 2017

    I have same story sadly almost two years ago judge david a Williams took my son from me and put a 5 year d.v. restraining order against me. I have never laid a hand on anyone my ex husband of 20 years found a crooked lawyer James madden and filed an ex parte d.v. claim I couldn't pay for lawyer figured never did anything wrong this is a joke sadly I was wrong. I wasn't allowed to speak at my court date he went off record and was thrown from my home, , lost my son, and everything I owned. I've never had cops investigation on me or dcfs. I had 17 and half years to raise my son thank God. I stayed with an abusive drunk for 20 years cops said I stay in deserve it I say I stayed cause look what happens when I leave. I lived in a tent in bushes 5 months got a job but sadly haven't spoken son for over a year. I was charged criminally for breaking restraining order I had too and had ex permission to take my insulin couldn't keep in tent had be refrigerated. I was pregnant and very sick. The whole reason this occurred was my ex doesn't want to pay me the 2400.00 month alamony I am in titled to by law. And he's found loop hole if convicted of violation I get 0 .law stated victims don't pay perp.sadly I'm fighting it in criminal court and cause I am d.a. is throwing book at me if found guilty I'm looking at min 7 yr. This is the most corrupt system and court. If I'm found not guilty I am suing everyone involved judge Williams, madden, my ex, and San bernardino for so many violations my civil rights. I didn't just loose everything I was bullied by these men abused and pray no body ever has to go through what this other mother has had to go through or myself. The idiot who says sore loosers is disgusting and I hope next time you find yourself compelled to respond to anyone's struggle with such an immature statement I would sit back and shut up and thank God your not a female in this male bias court. They have found less case logs for them when they rule for abuser men and not mothers as we fear them and do what we can see our kids don't make waves or tie up court with motions when we are given the kids. My husband got all this not with 1 spread evidence or 1 witness. He got it because Williams threw out my response I had filed and served said I didn't do it in time and not valid went on to grant ex everything he asked for. He never said I touched him he said he and my son were scared to death of me really 20 years married all about money this court is criminal ruin family's been in counciling 2 years now because this.God bless you stay strong we need to just keep sharing our stories soon enough be enough of us to change system

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  • Be
      Feb 12, 2018

    Please do not post comments about your case on this website.

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  • Be
      Feb 15, 2018

    Do not post about your case on this site. It won’t change anything. This site will not remove posts once on here. I’ve asked many times. Stop and think before posting. You are upset, maybe disillusioned if you’ve come here to post on this thread. Pray first. God will listen to your worries and fears, and will hear your pleas. Trust in him. He may not change things now. But trust that he knows all hearts, souls and minds. Do what is right no matter what is happening, and you will be rewarded when it really counts. Jesus (Yeshua) will return. Be ready.
    Posted by Bewildered1-formerly known as Bewildered-currently known as Beware: Can’t delete own post.

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