Law Office of Salvatore Bonaguramaintenance of area adjacent to lirr tracks

Please be advised this serves as official notice of a public nuisance caused by your agency. I am the owner of a commercial property, which includes my office, adjacent to the south side of the RR tracks in Floral Park, on the west side of the Plainfield Ave. crossing. We are plagued by an infestation of rats coming from LIRR property. The rat population is likely encouraged by the presence of dozens of discarded RR ties scattered adjacent to the RR tracks. I order to reduce the rat population and avoid the necessity of a judicial remedy and a complaint to the Village of Floral Park, I respectfully request a timely effort be made to remove the numerous discarded RR ties and accordingly reduce the local rat population. Please advise via email of your time frame to eliminate this public nuisance.

Salvatore Bonagura, Esq.
122 Plainfield Ave.
Floral Park, NY 11001

Nov 26, 2018

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