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I am not normally in the habit of writing reviews, let alone long ones (as with the rare negative shopping experience I normally shrug and move on, putting it down to the occasional ups and downs of shopping online). However I feel strongly compelled to go to the effort of doing so for Lavishchoice, in order to warn other potential online customers looking for a good discount of the shocking service I have received. One of the worst in my past 12 years shopping online.

I placed an order for 2 fragrances at the end of 2014. It is almost mid February now. Their policy is "We quote delivery times of 10-20 working days". After 2 weeks I contacted them and they emailed back saying "We apologise for the delay. We have been waiting for fresh stock which is expected within the next few days." (There was also suspiciously no name given in the email correspondence)

The "next few days" part WAS AN OUTRIGHT LIE. I have waited over 6 WEEKS only to find that my item has not even been posted. I promptly asked for a refund and received it.

Only following my negative experience did I bother to do some research online, only to discover that Lavishchoice have had negative reviews throughout the internet, in addition to au.trustpilot there is,,, and they have a measly 5% TrustScore on

I have no doubt a Lavishchoice representative will respond to this, they will claim something along the lines of there being less than 20 complains over a 2 year period and that this constitutes <0.02% of their transactions. I have no doubt however that there is a significant proportion of their customers who do not bother to go to the effort of creating a username on a website and composing a review. Yes, this is speculation. But I also believe there to be an element of truth.

The Lavishchoice representative may also try to discredit this post, the same way they do on other review websites, by pointing out that I am a "One Post Wonder", or a competing company trying to discredit them. I am here to state for the purpose of transparency that yes, firstly I have gone to the effort to sign up to this website for the pure purpose of providing feedback for their terrible service because I think it is unfair for consumers to be duped in such a way. Secondly, no I am not a competing etailer. However what I am is a doctor (a surgeon based in Sydney), a respectable member of society, a creditable longterm online consumer and at present a customer who is most dissatisfied with the service Lavishchoice provided.

I would also like to state for the record that I will be posting this exact post at the above stated review websites to broaden the reach of this review.

Feb 12, 2015

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