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I have had multiple "incidents" with this co. since mid summer and still am having problems with their cabinets and service. I had spent a lot of money with them at the onset, so have been stuck trying to make this work. They never return calls, meet deadlines or back up the cabinets they rep. They treat a customer as though they don't care to have your business. They repeatedly lie about what can be expected from them, and on it goes.

I have lost many hours trying to follow up with them. Going to their store front when numerous calls produce no call back, only to find the "back in 30 min" sign up. They don't come back, and don't return the calls for the notes requesting such taped to their door. Ivan is rude and not trustworthy. Lisa is more polite, but nothing comes of talking and pleading for results from her either. Had I known any of this, there is no way I'd have bought from them! Do not use Lavii for ANYTHING!


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