Lavasoft DEPathetic customer service

Is anyone else having problems with Lavasoft de's adaware software.I purchased adaware se plus from them in July.They claim to refund your money if it doesnt work within 90 days.Thats a total joke.I cannot connect to their server to download updates.If I update manualy their updates will not integrate, ie, wont work.I cannot run their scanner on my pc, it just freezes up early in the scan.Also if i try to open their scan watch section it freezes all of my programs up and I can only get my pc to ope ate after booting up in safe mode and using system restore.This is obviously a software fault.However, Lavasoft de will not answer any of my emails which have been sent through their correct channels and with the correct information they request.Well NICHOLAS STARK COMPUTING you have got my money for nothing...I hope you choke on it...BUYER BEWARE!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

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