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Laurentel,INC-LD / rip off

United States Review updated:
Charges on my att service that I did not authorize.
This company really has guts the way they steal.


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  9th of Oct, 2008
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I have had this problem before and it has resurfaced. In my many calls and correspondance from the last time, I found out that the problem has an additional root.

That root is the US Congress in that they allowed legislation that ALLOWS a third party to bill through your phone service provider WITH the blessing of the Federal Communications Commission and the phone customer has ZERO LEGAL RECOURSE.

Call your congressman and tell them to knock off the BS.
  11th of Oct, 2008
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This charge keeps showing up on my AT&T bill. It was supposed to be taken off but it is still there. I anyone can help me, please e-mail me.
  22nd of Dec, 2008
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After reading the others in this site complain about this Lauren tel. Company I called them I have been receiving this charges for two months. I also called the phone company Verizon. The refunded my money and put a block on my account so these and company's like them can no longer rip me off. The Lauren tel web site is http://www.laurentel.com/terms.html
They told me it was for a 800 number for my phone. What the heck. I don't need a nor never asked for a 800 number.
  30th of Dec, 2008
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Hi, At&t just offered to pay back $108.00. Same old story about an 800 number service/voice mail enhancer, authorized by another 3rd party. I am contacting my US Congressman, FCC, local TV stations, and anyone else that will or won't listen to me as soon as I sign off. I'm telling all my contacts to google Laurentel Inc and OAN Services Inc., and then check your phone service bill.
Thanks for the heads up,
  19th of May, 2009
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phone number to lauren tel is 18002151961, we had the same issue at home. i am trying to find ceo name.

  10th of Feb, 2010
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This is happening across the country. Laurentel is the 4th company to do it to me. The others that have done it to me so far are amercian evoice, enhanced services billing, orbit telecom. Today it happened for the fourth time in a year. They will claim you authorized it via email and even email you a "confirmation" of your authorization. The one they sent me had a wrong zip code for me (one that doesn't even exist)- apparently they derived it from the first 5 digits of my phone number. They had a wrong maiden name for my mom, not even close. The IP address where I supposedly was when I supposedly enrolled- my local police dept tracked it to another town where I don't know a soul.
Report it to your state's attorney general and the Better Business Bureau. Why have there been no class action lawsuits against the phone giants that are ALLOWING this to happen (AT&T, Verizon)? Just another way the phone company has to stick it to you.
  1st of Apr, 2010
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This happened to me too. This crap has to stop. They need to shut down this company asap.
  15th of Aug, 2010
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I agree, And I have been hit with the same BS. And trust me I will report it. Its enough to make you want to jerk the phone out of the wall and say *#(*(#*)(&@##$$!!@$&&& and so on... The phone company doesnt complain cause they stand to make a profit.
  1st of Sep, 2010
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Me too. Do we need to find an attorney and sue?
  15th of Jan, 2013
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Happened to me too. AT&T offered to refund me a years worth of charges but it never happened. There is no contact information for them. The 1-800 number is actually someone who answers from home with screaming children in the background. Good luck getting to a supervisor. In 6 months I havent gotten one return phone call back. I would like a mailing address from these idiots. Im a single mom of 3 and on a strict budget. It makes me mad that they are allowed to do this with no written consent!

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