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I have NO information on the adress or location of this company. They appeared as a very strange charge on our home phone bill from Qwest telecommunications. The very last page was labeled ENHANCED TELLECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES ( ETS ) and bore the notation: "The following transaction is billed on behalf of LAURENTEL."

I have never heard of LAURENTEL. I have never signed up w/anything called LAURENTEL. I called their listed toll-free number to find out what that $23.18 charge is for and a polite person w/an East Indian accent informed me that this is a personal 800 number and email voice mail service, and the total charges they netted from us, going back to February 2017, came to $306.55.

I NEVER authorized this! I even password-protected our Qwest account just to prevent unauthorized services, but apparently when Qwest receives a request from a so-called third-party provider such as this they are bound by the FTC to honor the request and attach it to one's account. This MUST change, and quickly!

LAURENTEL has removed all their charges ( going back to February because I never checked that last page of the billing because I didn't understand or recognize it -- for all I knew, the ENHANCED TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES they were referring to are the Intralata international services we have and a couple of other features, such as Caller ID ).

But I am very upset that some unknown third-party company could have affixed itself to my/our home phone number account w/no permission or even any knowledge on our part. This is really reprehensible! Why is this permitted?

I write mostly to let you know that this sort of thing is going on, victimizing Washington customers of Qwest ( and possibly other phone service companies ). I think anytime an unauthorized service is appended to a legitimate service we all need to be aware, and the FTC needs to do more to make sure that ABSOLUTELY NO UNAUTHORIZED SERVICES ARE EVER PERMITTED.

While the situation has been resolved in my case by both LAURENTEL and Qwest, others may not be so fortunate.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.


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      Dec 09, 2008

    On my Verizon phone bill, I was charged $8.43 for Laurentel Setup Fee.
    I never requested any service from Laurentel.
    When I called the contact number, they said they would cancel the fee. I got an online confirmation that I would receive a refund. One place said a check in 5 to 7 days. Another said a credit by 12/31/08 (22 days)

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      Mar 06, 2010

    Charges were on my bill for 9.15 for an unauthorized service. I called to have it removed, when the call is answered, it says "Thank you and Good bye"! I am soooo angry!

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      Mar 22, 2010
    Laurentel - Unauthorized Charges
    PO Box 50480
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    On my family's telephone bill from Windstream Communications, We had a $23.18 Charge from this company from Laurentel. They said that I set up an 800 Number on December 30th, which I never did. This company needs to get turned in because they are dishonest, have a D- Rating with the Better Business Bureau of Minneapolis (rated like school grades), and they told us that they would refund the money back, which I hope they will honestly do. If they don't, I will contact authorities.

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      Nov 18, 2010
    Laurentel - Fraudulent charges, never ordered
    New York
    United States

    The only time I may have used Laurentel was back in August 2017 when I was arranging a conference call with family members. I was very careful to ask what were all the charges I would incurr. Was told that it was simply the cost of a long-distance call. At no time did I ask for, nor was told of, these monthly charges for an 800 number which Verizon billed me for. This is one sleazebag operation, and they haven't heard the last of me yet.
    I say, we pull together a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT and SHUT DOWN these fraudulent companies. This company, by the way, is attached to PaymentOne, which also charged me for a Celebrity Service, me, who HATES celebrity crap.

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