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When I received my June, 2009 AT & T statement, I noted that I had been charged $9.15 ($8.43, plus tax of $.72) for a set up fee on 5/31/09 for Laurentel through OAN Services, Inc. I never authorized such services, nor do I need such services. I fully intend to take this matter up with AT & T and pursue whatever remedies there are available to prevent these charges from occurring now or in the future.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Nashville, TNI am highly disappointed in AT & T processing such services and/or fees without verifying my consent to add such a services. No matter what you do to protect yourself from predators such as OAN and/or Laurentel, each individual is at risk for unethical business practices of companies that prey on those who fail to watch carefully their credit card and utility bills for such scams as this. If anyone has had such services billed to them, without your consent, I would welcome your comments and how you managed to handle such actions.

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  • Ka
      Dec 08, 2008
    Laurentel - Billing Fraud
    Laurentel - OAN Services
    United States

    Laurentel and OAN Services committed fraud by charging on my Verizon Bill for services not requested by me.

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  • Jb
      Feb 11, 2009
    Laurentel - Unauthorized charges to Qwest billing
    J. Baillargeon
    4447 S. Vivian St
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    unauthorized monthly charges to Qwest billing to at least the last 3 months( still searching records)

    monthly fee
    statement fee
    email monthly fee

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  • Te
      Aug 02, 2009

    I agree whole heartedly! I opened up my Qwest bill today. Same exact thing. Charges from ESBI ETS whom I had never even heard of to the tune of $28.18. Both Qwest and ESBI ETS are going to hear from me. I think we should drop Qwest just because of the fact that they're allowing this to happen on THEIR billing program.

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  • An
      Jun 01, 2010

    Laurentel fraudulently charged my verizon phone bill 8.95 a month without my authorization.Don't know who they are and how they did it.

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  • So
      Feb 06, 2011
    Laurentel - billed for services I never requested or used
    United States

    These sleazeballs charged me $8.23 over at least 4 months for a service I never requested or used. I am so angry I plan to contact my congress-lady, the better business and I would love to join a class action action.

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  • Rp
      Oct 08, 2011

    We just got our Verizon bill and these scam artists had been charging us for at least 3 months. I intend to call my att. General. I recommend we all do that and put these scammers out of business. I am so mad. I called them and they said my daughter ordered it. She did NOT. They got her e mail and began charging my Verizon bill. I called Verizon and they took 3 months of it and told me to call Laurentel and cancel it even though it was never authorized. I told the woman at OAN Laurentels other co. that point blank.

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