Laurent Sabbah / FTP SupremeSTOLE $2000

Laurant Sabbah IS A CROOK, FBI LISTED, HE STOLE $2000 From Me here is his address and phone number : [protected] do not do business with this crook web site :
FTA Customer Support, 425 Gratton, Montreal Quebec H4M 2E4, Canada
My Name is Dr. Julian M. I specialize in Adwords Optimization I am One of the best in North America, This crook contacted me claiming google has canceled his adwords account and he can not do it any more and asked me to help. First I was reluctant because google does not suspend accountS that easily UNLESS he was cheating google ?? I told him I will not do anything illegal in google and told him my condition of how i work, He agreed and asked to test my system for $1000/day He also agreed that once i pay google i can not get a refund, after i spend $982 of $1000 he paid me THE CROOK HE IS, SAID HE WAS NOT HAPPY WITH RESULTS ASKED FOR A REFUND.AFTER MY REFUSAL HE CONTACTED PAYPAL CLAIMING A LIE THAT HE NEVER RECIEVED GOODS LYING TO HIS TEETH.SO NOW PAYPAL IS HOLDING MY MONEY .THIS STUPID CROOK IS A LIER I HAVE PROOF OF PAYMENT TO GOOGLE AND OPENED A CASE WITH PAYPAL ALSO NOTIFYING FBI TO INVESTIGATE THIS PERSON ..I WARN ANYONE WHO WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH "LAURENT SABBAH' OR HE IS A LIER A CHEAT A BIG CROOK DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS CROOK " LAURENT SABBAH [protected] dont do business with this crook

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