Lauren Joubert / Vodacom Northgate

I am sure this complaint will fall on deaf ears, but I will submit it anyway.

6 days ago, I purchased a new 24 month contract and a Mobile Wifi device R216. The sales consultant told me I was wasting my time purchasing a 3G broadband connection that I wanted, and sold me the 4G Mobile Wifi instead.

I was only able to connect to the device on day 5 when I went into the store to have the sim card activated (after I was told it would automatically activate after 1 day).

It was only then that I could assertain that the wifi device (the R216 router), was not charging correctly. I went back to Northgate to inquire with the consultant who sold the device to me, and he was not even interested or apologetic toward my problem. He kept spinning a thousand stories without addressing my complaint. This is the third trip to Vodacom Northgate by the way.

I was told that the device would last up to 7 hours without being connected to the power plug - and guess what - it lasts one hour.

The consultant then proceded to tell me that he has a certificate in A+, and that he knows what he is doing. Frankly, I don't give a rats backside if he has a PhD in Neuroscience, the fact remains that he was not interested in my complaint, and did not sort it out. He even said that he doesn't know why Vodacom put the information sheet about the device into the box - because the information on how the lights work to indicate the status of the device is wrong on the package insert. Really?

To add insult to injury - he took out another device "new from the box" to show me that the battery light will show "flashing" to indicate the battery is on standby - of course it will not show up as fully charged, because it is a new device that has not been set to charge for a number of hours yet - does he think I am stupid?

He then had the nerve to suggest that I change from 4G to 3G on the device itself, after he sold me 4G!

So, I had 6 days to return the device if it was faulty, and guess what, he wouldn't book it in because he said it was fine. Really?

I suppose he will apologise when I take it in after the time to exchange the product has lapsed, so that I can purchase a new one.

My question to Vodacom is twofold - where did you find such a "know it all" consultant?, and secondly, what are you going to do about my problem?

I will not be renewing my contract when the 24 months is up. I will be seeking an alternative mobile company.

Shame on you Vodacom.

Apr 09, 2016

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