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None of my stalkers so called "victims" appear to actually give her much attention at all. I can’t find any blogs or forums where she is being talked about and hated on every day, yet I need to look no further than her website to see her constantly hating on others on a daily basis.

Her being “harassed” is imagined. She creates the scenario of all these people still harassing her. This is an example of how she views life in general. She mentally uglifies the world around her. This is how she chooses to envision things.

Much like Bonnie Combs, she labels everyone and everything as a pedophile, rapist, stalker, child abuser, cyberbully, drug addict, and so on. Her assumptions show a real contempt and hatred of humanity. She has no actual genuine friends or supporters based purely on the fact that she does not want them. She has had them before but she pushed them away because she’s paranoid and doesn’t trust anyone.

According to what has been said in the past, and I understand this is only a written account and I cannot verify what really happened… She used to dig up dirt on people she had as roommates and friends from an early age. Often in the form of private information and photographs. Right off the bat she was hostile to her so called friends, as if she already anticipated an impending exposure.

The hundreds of supporters she claims to have are of her sole creation. Just like the multiple “victims”, including that Haley lady she imagined up. People clearly disappoint her to the point where she willingly and purposely creates imaginary friends and supporters. She doesn’t want real people as friends. She rejects the real world. And she has been this way consistently for a very long time.

But is she too far gone? Is she a future statistic like Bonnie Combs? Or can she turn it around? I would love to see a happy ending. But I have zero say over the matter. I simply observe. I suspect I may be her only viewer or one of an extremely low number. But I doubt that will hinder her insistent determination to destroy other people out of envy. I can only hope she turns it around and doesn’t become another Bonnie Combs.

Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton
Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton
Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton
Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton
Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton
Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton
Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton
Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton
Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton
Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton

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  • Updated by thisisme98 · May 05, 2017


    Because you spend your days thinking about hate and revenge, creating false DMCA reports, photoshopping so-called "evidence" to try and make me look bad, posting horrible articles about my daughter, and harassing my family and mother in law, I felt it necessary to add this public notice.

    Staying up until 2:30 in the morning following me around on social media, refreshing my content and posting defamatory claims about me on the internet is a bit aggressive for an apparent victim of cyberstalking, don't you think? Even strangers after the fact, biased opinion or not, know that you're full of ###. The slightest shred of truth is completely emaciated by all of the disgusting filth that you spew on a regular basis. Hell, even the police think you're a maniac and full of ###.

    Those threats of harassing CPS with fake accounts of child abuse? I'm not sure if I should seek out legal assistance, or simply send them to the police so that they can finally press charges against your crazy ### for criminal harassment. Because you understand that is what they were talking about all those years ago when they contacted you again, right? It was so much easier than I thought it would be. You legally took all responsibility and proved yourself to be an actual terrible person when you made a false child abuse claim. That means my court fees are a small investment that you will eventually owe to me. That and the price of your dignity are more than worth it. Thank you so much for that.

    So how does it feel living in a web of lies? I wouldn’t know. I'm too busy ignoring your miserable existence, constant posting of filth in my name (and about every single person in my life) and being ecstatic with my life. I understand that you don't have anyone close to you that hasn't written you off yet, so you have to create legitimately fake profiles in support of your pathetic "cause". I've yet to see a single real person come forward to support any of the ### you spew. So, where are they? They must all be cowards like you, or just one crazy woman making fake identities and fake stories like she has so many times in the past. Even those awful criminals that you befriend on the internet know better than to stick up for you because they've witnessed your ### first hand.

    You will be thinking of me, comparing yourself to me, comparing your life with mine, every single day until your brain finally musters up the courage to move on. Thinking about how I got pregnant just to spite you, because that doesn't sound crazy at all. And for the record, you are the last person I would ever take parenting advice from. You are a failure as a mother, just as you're a failure in every other aspect of your miserable life.

    But when my daughter arrives, I know you will be comparing your children with mine. You will think of all the awful things that I could possibly create. About yourself, your husband and your own children. That is how karma actually works. In fact, that is also how insults work. You think of all the things that bother you, and you project them onto others, hoping they will hurt someone else. It's so much more self damaging to obsess over someone you hate daily, thinking of ways you can hurt them and their family, and never actually moving on.

    And of course, it's funny. I was really impressed when you decided to "take the high road" for the 20th time a couple of months ago. I thought to myself, "This is finally is. Crazy ### will finally move on and leave me alone." Oh, but it was all in vain. You simply spent the past several months working behind the scenes, posting hoebook articles about how my daughter is an "ugly crack baby [censor]", threatening to kidnap my daughter once she arrives, wishing miscarriages on me under fake twitter profiles, posting defamatory content about my mother inlaw on complaints board and how we "hate natives" and "steal drugs from Hamilton Health Sciences." (#1/#2) Because anyone with a brain knows that's a load of garbage, as is every single thing that comes out of your mouth. I don't think you realize just how transparent you really are. But I do, and the police as well. They seem to think you're a mentally unstable lunatic and want nothing more than to never hear from you again, and I tend to agree with them.

    Your ability to create these elaborate and twisted lies about people who have apparently wronged you knows no bounds, and while it's amusing to read all these awful things about myself and my family, it's such a waste of your precious time and energy. I would rather focus my time and energy on providing a loving and stable environment for my child, planning my wedding, and finishing my education so I can make a decent living and provide my daughter with everything she could possibly need/want in life.

    So here's the deal. It's been what... 5 or 6 years since all of this started? I'll agree, it started over some pretty childish ###. It escalated over some really childish ### and has continued over the most childish ### that I can't even fathom how you cope with daily life. You've spent, no, wasted nearly 6 years of your life obsessing over and trying to come up with ways to damage the reputation of a literal stranger on the internet. That's dedication. Scary dedication.

    Days, weeks, even months have gone by without a single thought of you in my head. Yet according to my IP tracker, you visit my social media profiles every single day. The only time I think of you is to alert people of your lies when they become concerned for me. Is this why you do it? To try and convince total strangers that I'm a horrible person? There has to be some logic behind it, however demented, but it's not working. Even total strangers are aware of your ### and can see that there is no basis behind any of it.

    I don't have to concern myself with your so-called luxuries in life, because I've seen you and your life for what it is, a joke and a lie. You've created this false image of yourself on the internet using stolen images to create your fake businesses with, reselling cheap garbage from Aliexpress yet having the audacity to refer to yourself as a designer, claiming "success" yet not having a single sale to back that apparent success up with. On the other hand, I've been operating a successful business for 3 years, with hundreds of sales, positive reviews and happy customers. I'm sure the thought of that must destroy you.. Knowing that no matter what you post about my business, I'll still be successful. That must just kill you inside.

    Spare me your lies of how you were happy to hear I was pregnant. No, you were jealous, bitter and wished a miscarriage on me. You created a fake account to stalk my Mom Group profiles with, using the content found to post to your fake twitteraccounts with afterward. You have wished infertility on me from the beginning, accusing me of getting pregnant just to prove you wrong and claiming that by having children, I must be copying you. That alone backs up all of my claims that you, Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton, are completely out of your mind. Your thought process is not sane, nor is it even remotely rational. You do not think like a normal person should. Your demented thoughts become twisted words spewed across my computer screen whenever you feel threatened by my presence, which is often.

    You make fun of me for not wasting money on maternity clothing. That is how your thought process works. You are so catty and desperate that you think you can hurt me by mentioning the obvious fact that yes, I did not buy maternity clothing. Your insecurity is astounding. But here's the thing.. Why would I waste money on tacky maternity clothing? (Like that tacky cheetah print shirt that you wore every single day, and let's be honest... it was wayy too small for your not so tiny frame. Or those horrendous hunter green khaki pants that only a soccer Mom would be proud to own.) I am nothing more than a belly. I haven't put on weight anywhere else on my body. Why subject myself to uncomfortable, hideous maternity clothing when I can throw on one of my gorgeous dresses, a cute pair of heels, and still look awesome? Why waste money on maternity clothing when I can use that money to purchase brand new items for my beautiful baby girl rather than rely on hand outs and second hand unsafe garbage from my family like you? I've spent my money on furniture, decorating the nursery, and treating myself to an awesome postpartum wardrobe to help pick me up during the trying months of having a newborn.

    Not to mention a good portion of my earnings are being put in savings so I can buy a house and provide my daughter with only the greatest things in life. But I suppose you, being an unemployed leech on your husband, wouldn't understand that. You don't understand the concept of saving because you live paycheck to paycheck, relying on the wages of someone else to buy your shampoo, hideous tattoos and tacky 90's grunge jean shirts. I would rather pay for my awful tattoos and "H&M fashion" all on my own. But hey, that's just me. I was raised to be independent and self sufficient. You weren't. I guess we're just different that way.

    You claim to be rich yet you live in an awful house in a terrible neighbourhood in a trashy city and your house is furnished with recycled garbage that only a bag lady would be proud to own. You own nothing of value, you don't drive, you don't have an education, hell... you don't even have any friends outside of your sisters who come across as crazy and delusional as you are. Because who would want to befriend someone as horrid and bitter as you are? If not for your boyfriend and his mother, you would be homeless. How do I know that? Because they pay your bills. You are unemployed, have zero savings and would be homeless if not for the people you sponge off of. But I digress... your lies and delusions are just that, and they're all you will ever have. While I work my way to the top, you'll still be sitting at the bottom thinking of ways you can drag me down. How is that for comparison? Your latest online identity is adorned with my essence. Your photos are a complete copy of mine. Your jealousy is flattering, to say the least.

    But you will never impress me with your life. You're an awful person, a true monster and you have no soul. You write things about people that are so awful, I can't imagine thinking of such things let alone actually saying them. Your online postings read of an insane person with the brain capacity of a 5 year old, and seeing how you react to the opinions of others has me questioning if perhaps you behave the same in real life. Sure, I've heard all kinds of stories about how you're even worse in person, but who am I to say if they're true? I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, even really awful, crazy people like you and your sociopathic, parasitic family.

    Every single word that you type, regardless of how hateful, adds to how obsessed you are with me. I intimidate you and you're stuck. I apologize that you will never have the confidence that I have or the happiness that I have. It must suck to be so miserable with yourself that you have to constantly seek out and try to destroy a stranger.

    Thank you for verifying that you still have multiple fake profiles that you created to access my private social media accounts with, by the way. If your own admission to stalking the ### out of me isn't proof that you're beyond obsessed, completely out of your mind and more like Bonnie Combs than I could ever be, then I don't know what will. Doesn't it seem rather hypocritical to claim you're being harassed while you create fake profiles to download my photos, access my facebook content, and refresh my "Mom Groups" with? Oh, that's right. Your brain isn't capable of rational thought. My bad.

    I'll leave this here for you and your multiple personalities to get worked up over. The evidence is out there, plain as day. Unlike you, I don't have the time or energy to create fake evidence to support my "cause". I can understand why you would be ashamed of the things you've said/done, and afraid to admit to it. That's the difference between me and you. I'm not a coward or a liar, and I'll own up to the things I've said.

    You and your family have to live with the kind of person that you are. I'm just happy I don't have to. I awake each day with a clear conscience, bursting with happiness because my life is blessed. I don't have to worry about my loved ones questioning my motives, wondering if they can trust me and worrying that I might say awful things about them. I don't have to worry about my friends coming across your crazy postings and cutting me out because they believe the things posted about me by some pathetic, insecure lunatic on the internet. I can only hope one day you're able to feel the same way I do.

    It would be wise to keep in mind that the only people interested in anything to do with me, are the people who know me. Anyone else, even my enemies don't believe a word of the filth that you generate on a daily basis. Although they might get a kick out of it, because it's perverse and often reads like the communication of a sociopathic six year old in the midst of a temper tantrum.

    If you want to come across as a sane and rational individual, you might not want to end your psychobabble with hateful comments of how me and my loved ones are hideous. It makes you look catty, childish, insecure, and well... butthurt. It also kinda proves my point of how you're just an insecure maniac who will post any sort of hateful nonsense in order to hurt the feelings of the people you're obsessed with. Unfortunately for you it doesn't work, because the insults of a monster mean nothing to me or the people in my life. But nice try!

    In closing, if you're going to try to make me look bad, the least you can do is use your elite stalking skills to find out my real name when you post your lies and photoshopped screenshots. Oh, and you might want to have an established blog first. Posting a bunch of lies about someone on a blog that nobody cares to visit is a bit of a time waster, don't you think? But what would I know? I'm not as educated in the fundamentals of cyberstalking as you are. I'll leave the deranged behaviour to you, because let's face it.. you'll probably never move on. Enjoy the misery!

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May 05, 2017
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      May 05, 2017

    In preparation for court, I printed out all of the emails my stalker had sent me. 274 pages of unique content. This content was sent to my attorney, who then received another 215 emails from my stalker in 45 days. My stalker's mental crisis inevitably encompassed the entire city with her sending fusillades of emails to the police department, children’s aid, the mayor, and so on. Perhaps once this is all over with, we can all achieve some much needed peace. My stalker's behaviour on the Internet is despicable. This fact is a no-brainer to anyone with an ounce of integrity.

    She reads like some gimpzoid teenager spewing spit onto the monitor. Does she ever have a point beyond giving her fingers some exercise by dancing them randomly over her keyboard? Her insults show a serious lack of ingenuity and lead me to question her ability to think about what she says before she says it.

    I imagine in person she is a very quiet, obedient person who keeps to herself. She just feels free to unload her unrealistic, and frankly disturbing, viewpoints on the Internet where she feels she's safe and anonymous. Unfortunately this doesn't help her in real life because she won't listen to anyone's suggestions.

    But I digress... My lawyer, who is likely way smarter and more qualified than my stalker, has made it clear that I (and my family) can officially sue her for damages resulting from her malicious postings about us on the Internet. I don't much care what some anonymous yahoo thinks about that, but if she wants to get into it... her assumption isn't how the law is written and text contains an example of that within the law itself.

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