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Laura M. Smith (Laura Michelle Smith, Laura Smith Hamilton, Dangerousfrank) is an online troll. She will stalk you on multiple social media websites, create awful web pages about you full of lies, take your photos and spread them maliciously, often altering them to the point where you look deformed and adding awful comments to them to the effect that you're an ugly ###, she will insult your children, stalk your family, and so on. She will never change and she will never stop. So just let her do her things. It's the only thing that makes her feel better about her ugly self and miserable, empty life.

May 05, 2017
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      May 08, 2017

    I first stumbled upon Laura Smith in 2013 on Twitter. I watched a few old Naked News clips of her under the guise of "Elle Kingsley" for clues. I couldn't tell from that, but did notice that she seemed extraordinarily pleased with herself and her employment as being nothing more than a stripper. I was struck at the time by how it would appear she assumed people were charmed by her impetuous stupidity.

    Now I've read many stories on the Internet over the years, and I understand this is only a written account and I certainly cannot confirm its validity, but it sounds as though Laura was molested by a close family friend when she was young. Apparently she admitted this fact in 2013 then later redacted her statement.

    There are two possibilities here. The first is that this family friend did in fact molest her, which would explain her character perfectly. The lack of a bond with one parent is fertile soil for dysfunction, at the very least. The second possibility is that Laura was lying, and that this family friend did not molest her. If Laura would disgrace someone by lying this way, that would also be all we'd need to know about her.

    Laura often begins a story by saying "You're not going to believe this, but-" which is of course a common way of forestalling disbelief. I've read accounts that Laura claimed to have multiple personalities and that this other personality is responsible for her erratic behaviour... Her other personality has, according to Laura, been around since her childhood molestation. Why would this other personality be so shy and self-effacing as to not make an appearance before Laura turned 25?

    If Laura is faking it, her idea is obviously to pretend she's not evil, just crazy.

    Compartmentalizing is quite common among sociopaths. But it is not the same as having genuinely multiple personalities, which is extremely rare. Perhaps Laura's motive is less pressing, but preferable - for people to think of you as off-balance instead of as a conscienceless dissembler. The former will garner you sympathy, the latter (well-deserved) hatred.

    Laura seems to be quite manipulative and cunning. Resembling a predator posing as prey. Sociopaths often pose, or even see themselves, as victims, although the truth is the exact opposite.

    Some people are just so filled with poison that they have to let it out, no matter how inappropriate the venue.

    My guess? Laura Smith is a sociopath.

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