Latnie, Kezia Kendall / unethical behaviour, breach of trust

Latnie, kezia kendall

Regretfully I feel I must report the following opinion to warn others. I had an agreement with kezia (August 2015) whereby we agreed to jointly purchase some research material for $750 and she was to immediately pay me back half for her share. I passed on the material and then she sent me about $125 lol along with a hardluck story. The problem with that was I specifically asked her if she had the money to pay me right back before I made the purchase. She said she had the money and gave me her word and trusting her, I made the purchase. I patiently waited a few years (Now nov. 2017) giving her the benefit of the doubt and all I got were lies and more lies. After making the mistake of trusting her, I had three people warn me about her. One called her quote "plain evil", because of the trail of people she has taken advantage another case, I personally know a lady who kezia charged to help her with a foreclosure and after paying her (Probably lots) kezia eventually left her to fend for herself without a remedy and the lady's house was foreclosed my opinion people that take financial advantage of others when they are at their lowest, are evil and I sure wouldn't want her karma. Do not trust or do business with her or you will learn the hard way as I did. A snake is a snake and some people if given the chance will steal the eyes out of your head and tell you you look better without them. You've been warned about this snake.

Nov 18, 2017

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