Lateral Thigh Trainer / Very disappointed

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I purchased the Lateral Thigh fortunately from online store. After I purchased another exercise machine by mail I promised myself I would never buy anything on Line again because it is too much of a hastle to return anything my mail. For the second time I was disappointed because as soon as I assembled the thing the stepping/foot steps were locked. The instruction manual gives only two options to resolve the problem and neither worked. The customer service number is disconnected and the website address lists no current number. I tried the number listed on the but it's for a different product. I stayed on the line to get a customer service rep' hoping that someone had a number that I can get a live person but the line goes dead once your on hold for 5 minutes. All I want is someone to instruct me on how to fix this machine. I am not going to waist my time looking for any other number when obviously this company doesn't want to be contacted. This machine is going back in its box, and back to the store.


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