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This site is awful, the webmasters always break the site and go on holiday, and then chastise the users when they complain about it. The moderators they hired are all masochist, who'd rather provide sarcastic BS responses than actual help and the system Titanics any time they add a new change. Charts generation is slow, and scrabbling is down more than online these days. If the site was run on American soil, they wouldn't have lasted 1 year, much less 5.

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  • Pe
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    Superpass - Auto credit card billing
    United States

    A charge for $14.99 began showing up on my charge account. I called the credit card company and found that this charge RN Superpass from REA had been making unauthorized charges each month since May. Now I've filed a dispute with my credit card company. I have tried to call the phone number for Superpass but have been on hold listening to their music for 15 minutes. I've now determined that this is a scam. Please help me stop this wrong doing. Thank you!

  • Za
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    what's the phone number??

  • Ab
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    Superpass - Auto credit card billing
    England, Lancashire
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 07970752542

    Dear sir,

    I am writing this e-mail as I am being charged for your service which I have never used. You have been charging me for over a year now. You can check on your records as I have never used Superpass and do not even know what this site is about.

    I am asking for a refund since the payments have been collected.

    I hope you will deal with this as urgently as possible.

    I await your reply.

    Thank you

    Abda Asif
    3 Countess Street
    BB5 1SX

  • Jl
      18th of Apr, 2009
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    Superpass - Auto credit card billing
    Real Networks
    8089 Walnut Run ste 1
    United States
    Phone: 9015682798

    First let me state that this is the first time I have ever taken the time to go to these lengths and type a complaint on the internet. I just read the many other victims and felt I should post my experience which was similar. Over two years ago, I used this service for a one time need. I do not subscribe to these services in the usual course of life and do not use any now, nor have I ever. I used it under the understanding that I could call and cancel without it costing me for the one time usage. I used it. I called and cancelled. Pretty simple? Not on your life. As time went by, I paid my monthly credit card bill paying little attention to charges as relatively small as this one. I am a Dentist with a solo practice and my charges can be numerous each month and considerably larger on a regular basis. Roughly nine months later, I was checking every charge for taxes and saw that I had been charged each month for nine months for this service. I called them to cancel it again, and to request a refund be given. I had a similar experience with the customer service agent who's English was fairly good, but their understanding of it seemed to be limited to things intended to get money only, requireing me to repeat my complaints and requests for a refund several times. That was frustrating, and to top it off, once they finally admitted they understood my request and the nature of it, they told me that they were not authorized to give refunds and that I would have to speak to someeone else about that. Since it was Saturdey, and the number I was given led to a voice message stating office hours between Monday and Friday, I said the heck with it and moved on. About 4 months later, I noticed the charges, did the same, experienced the same. I has now been over two years and today I spoke with someone named Ricky Thompson who said he had canceled the substription for me. Amazingly and after I explained the history, he asked me if I had the original receipt! He then very kindly and condecendingly began to scold me by asking me why I did not read it with its indications of the terms! I had to get off of there so as soon as he said he had canceled it and sent me an email confirming that, I hung up. I have yet to receive my email.

  • Cr
      4th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes - Auto credit card billing
    United States
    Phone: 865-470-7999

    I have been billed for months, just realized it. Called the number on the bill, they said they would not refund nor stop billing. I had to call bank. When i did they said you need address info. Unable to get that info. It is billed by easy white. They are not on internet???I cant get address for them. Therefore, bank cant stop charges... I will be forced to close my acct. No other options... I have tried everything else. What a scam!!!The phone no. Is 1-866-212-1343 (Billing company) they wont talk about it... I have no idea, other than i downloaded some music online... But, never authorized them to bill me for any "free" download.. They said they have "free downloads" but, continues with subscription... I would not ever do anything free on the internet for this reason. This is a scam!

  • Cr
      5th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Waring to the FREE* services. It is like getting a check in the mail for say $5. Then you sign the back of it not realizing it was a membership. Then they can start billing until you are to call the billing department and ask for the billing address and then stop. Just calling will not work with their Terms of Service. They want it in Writing. and then send it certified mail to make sure it got there. Then they have stop the automatic payments.

    Just remember FREE today is NOT FREE. Remember the little "*" after the word free, means more then most people know today.

  • Cr
      5th of Sep, 2009
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  • Re
      19th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I found $14.99 per month has been charged to my credit card for 11 months. My wife thought it was something I signed up for and just told me. I told them we did not sign up for Superpass and demanded a full refund. They offered 3 months but I have turned them over to Visa and am alerting everyone I can, don't deal with Real, Real Player, Superpass or Rhapsady.

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