Last Chance Pay Day LoansUnauthorized Withdrawl from Checking Account

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My name is Thomas Luciani. I started to fill out a form for a pay day loan from Last Chance Pay day loans, but did not go through with it. Last chance took it upon themselves to debit my checking account for $33.98 on 26 Jun 09. After they did this, it caused my account to be in the negative and I was charged $25.00 for overdraft.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Las Vegas, NVI want Last chance to return the $33.98 and also the $25.00 overdraft fee, amount $58.98 to my account. At no time did I authorize Last chance to debit my account.
I was given a confirmation # of 3918951 from the Customer Service rep at phone # [protected].I was told this site is to refund our money, and we will not be billed anymore.Sincerely Thomas Luciani

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  • Sh
      Jul 10, 2009

    im in the same situation. i refilled out 1 of theirloan application online at last chance payday loans but didnt go throught with it. i noticed 2 days later i was billed for something i known nothing about. i called them and they gave me a cancelation #395-3625 and told me to go to their web site i waited 3 days to be declined refund of my money. imagine being declined something thats yours. i called my bank and they are putting in a disputed on the situation. i wanted to know what i can do to make them pay from wrongly taking people money from their accounts.

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  • Sz
      Jul 13, 2009

    it happen to me to they gave me a number 3986179 this is not right you be in a fininacal bid already then they do this to someone.

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  • Hu
      Jul 12, 2016
    Last Chance Pay Day Loans - fraudulent charges/ selling my information
    United States

    I applied for a pay day loan at the last chance cash advance website. I chose not to go through with the loan, however, a few weeks later I noticed a charge from my bank account for the amount of 34.19. It was for a web coupon service that I had never heard of. I called the number and they assured me that they would cancel my "membership" and gave me a website to apply for a refund. I promptly did and they told me that I had signed up for the service through last chance cash advance and that I would not be recieving a refund. I was furious. Now, two other companies that are so-called "web coupon' companies have charged my account for varying amounts and aren't even offering me the oppurtunity to get a refund. I had to close my account and take a loss. This is CRAP!!!

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