The first and only time I have ever had to use Lasership, my package was "lost" in transit. What a coincidence that my order through Walmart included 4 items, two of which were shipped by FedEx and I had no issue with those. Within the same order, the other two items were shipped by Lasership and they were "lost". I called lasership and spoke with Lagreta, she informed me they never received the package from Walmart, only received the shipping label. I called Walmart to see what happened and Michelle put me on hold and called lasership. Michelle from Walmart told me that lasership told her they did in fact have the package and they just hadn't updated their system yet.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Vienna, VA So I called lasership back and spoke with Lagreta yet again and was told they had no record of this phone call from Walmart. (recordings should prove otherwise who is telling the truth after I file a claim/suit). All in all, lasership was to quick and eager to make Walmart replace my order as "lost in transit" which pushed back my delivery date. Reviews online show that I am hardly the first person to experience this issue and I wonder how they are still in business. Seems like the packages are being "stolen" rather than "lost" in my honest opinion. Too much of a coincidence that it seems to be an ongoing issue with multiple customers and as I said, my other packages within the same order were just fine and had no issues being sent through FedEx.

Nov 24, 2018

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