Formal complaint by laserquest customer to corporate office of laserquest
Regarding ‘marc’, ‘mathew’, matt bigg, and paul marcuk of laserquest
Action required within 24 hours to prevent further escalation
Issue: one of the players in the same game as my wife and myself was running in the grounds very fast. I was stationed in a corner on the ground level and this same player came across from the grounds running at high speed and cut the corner. When cutting this corner, he wasn’t even able to stop in time and he ran into my wife where she fell against the wall and her head was bashed against the wall. Then, when she fell, he was unable to stop his own momentum and he fell towards her and his laser gun hit her knee cap directly. She now has cuts and bruises on her face, internal bruising at her forehead, concussion for 2 weeks, large and painful swelling on her kneecap, and back spasm issues.
What happened after: when i noticed my wife had just been hit by the ignorant player, i became very frustrated and told the player to “get lost”. He wouldn’t go away and was adamant this was an accident and he did not mean to. This agitated me further and i did swear at him and then finally he ran away to grab one of the marshals. My wife’s brother then immediately started shouting “marshal” repeatedly out loud so we could get help as my wife had blurry vision and she could not place any pressure on her knee. We carried her up a ramp to get her to a safe corner as other players were running in that narrow area. At that point, we ran into a marshal who was being accompanied by the man who had just hit my wife. The marshal said he was told by that individual that i was flinging punches at individuals and not behaving properly. I told the marshal that i haven’t even laid my hands on anyone at this point and that i was really angry at what had occurred and i needed them to take action on this so it’s a safe environment. The marshal said he needed to eject both of us immediately from the game. I said that is fine as we were wanting to leave any way. We waited at the front desk for 5 minutes and during this time, i asked mathew why the individual was still inside playing. Mathew said that they were trying to find him. I asked mathew that it has been 10 minutes so why is the individual still inside. Mathew said that they are still trying to locate him. When 15 minutes passed, i was fully convinced mathew was not concerned for our safety, our well-being, or the other player’s safety and well-being either. My family members were still inside the game with this individual and that did not make us feel comfortable. Mathew became very agitated at me and had told me to stay quiet and that they can only do certain things according to their policies. I told mathew that is not what i asked. I had asked why is the player still inside and we are outside? Mathew said he’s not sure and he does not have to speak to that. At this point, mathew was doing a flawless job of agitating us further. He clearly was not concerned about diffusing the situation but rather wanted to make it worse. Mathew then went on to say that we should have been more careful in there as it is dark, there are lots of players in there at one time, and that the staff cannot be held responsible. At this point: my wife is injured and we have both been ejected from the game and we are standing at the front desk for 25 minutes and the individual is still inside. Also, no medical attention was offered to my wife. We asked for a bag of ice 5 times and some water 4 times and we didn’t receive it until i shouted and raised my voice to cause a scene. Only then, mathew went and fetched us ice. There was no recommendation made that an injury report should be filled out, or this should be reported to a manager, or that an ambulance should be called, or the police should be called to better handle the situation. Now, mathew has told us that we are at fault. Does mathew or any one at this company reasonably expect a customer (Especially an injured wife’s husband) to remain peaceful and calm? After 25 minutes had passed, i asked mathew again if they had found the individual yet. I had told mathew that if i can go back in there that i can guarantee that i will find him in 90 seconds or less. How more obvious can mathew’s lack of effort, sickening lack of care and compassion, brutal customer service be? I asked mathew that i demand to know right now why that individual is not out of the game yet otherwise i will be calling 911 myself to create a large scene here. Mathew then immediately became frazzled and said that was not necessary for me to do and he would go inside the game area and check what the status is. Mathew then came out within 2 minutes and said they had just spoken with the individual and delivered the message. I asked mathew why the individual was still in the game. Mathew again amazed me of how intelligent he is when he said that the manager had made the decision to allow the individual to remain in the game. I asked mathew if he will be playing in the next game. Mathew said yes. I asked who made this decision and mathew said that the manager on duty, marc had made the decision. I told marc that he had just made a very large mistake that will cost him his job at laserquest. I also asked marc if he supported this decision and he said yes. I also asked marc if he was happy about the decision he made and he said yes. I told marc how disgusting that was. I told marc that i bring my younger nephews here to play all the time and that laserquest is fortunate that player did not run into a little child at that speed. I told marc that i will be launching the biggest possible complaint, investigation through police services, and legal action if needed. I also told marc that i will ensure this story is shared publicly so that players do not attend this facility any longer. I then asked marc who his manager is as there needs to be very important decisions made at this time. Marc said he is the only manager that can help with this. I then, again raised my voice, said some choice words, and demanded that marc give me the next manager’s contact information. Marc asked me why i needed it and i told marc that it is to ensure that he receives disciplinary action for the decision he has made here tonight. Marc then said i was threatening him and began to argue with me that i am taking the wrong direction with this and that everything can be dealt with tonight and does not need to go any further. I told marc that i will find a way to find out who he reports to and speak with that individual. Marc then ran off and gave me two business cards. Marc then asked me to leave and i said i am not leaving until you eject that player from this building because of how unsafe he is. I ignored marc’s request and marc threatened to call the police on me. I told marc that he has finally turned a small part of his brain on and that he should have called the emergencies when the situation started. I told marc that we will leave but we demand that an injury report be filled out so this is documented. Marc said that an injury report was not necessary. I was convinced from marc’s tone that his reaction was simply to agitate me further by giving me even worse customer service. I demanded marc to start typing on his computer on the details that happened this evening. Marc then said he will try to find an injury report and he was, after all, able to find one. I told marc to hand the report over to me and that i will fill it out. Marc said i was being rude to him which i openly admit that i was rude to marc and mathew this evening and i was very angry. Marc said it is their policy that the staff member fill out the report and i said that is fine. After we filled out the report, marc refused to provide us a photocopy and the reason was obvious. Marc was going to dispose of the injury report after we left and when i told him this reason he seemed to be caught a bit off guard and that i needed to “back off and let him do his job”. I refused to back off and let him do his job as he does not know how to do his job fully and properly. I told marc that i will have to come over to his side and grab the paper and take a copy of it. He then became very agitated and went and made a copy for us. Marc said he is now going to call the police to have me ejected. I told marc not to bother and that i will be following through on the promise i made to him earlier which is to biggest possible complaint, investigation through police services, and legal action if needed.
My first step was to have a discussion with matt bigg and paul marcuk on this issue. Laserquest corporate managers have not been responding to my voicemails so i am hoping the bbb can help to stimulate some conversation. My second step is to send in a formal complaint to corporate office. My third step is to file a police report dependent upon corporate’s communication. My fourth step is to battle irresponsible, disrespectful, and disgustingly trained employees and their companies to make sure my voice as a customer is heard by utilizing media outlets.
I request marc, mathew, matt bigg, and paul marcuk each issue a verbal and written apology to myself and my wife. I request that disciplinary action be taken against marc and mathew so that lessons are learned in this situation and to deliver a statement that such kind of gross customer service is not acceptable. I also want to know how laserquest will make this right for myself and my wife for the nightmare that marc and mathew have put us through.

Jan 24, 2017

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