LASER SPEED WHITENING CENTERS / Unaccecptable & inexcusable treatment

1 makefield executive quarters, 301, Yardley, PA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 215-493-1616

I have been a patient for many years at Dr. Milner's office in Yardley, Pa and have never in my life been treated with such disrespect. I had a coupon that was valid for one year and when I called to make the appointment and Dina, the secretary told me that they discontinued the coupons. I explained that I've been coming there for years and that the coupon was still valid. After and exhausting conversation she said she would have to ask her manager Nancy. They were both extremely unpleasant and rude. They finally agreed that they would accept the coupon so I made my appointment. I had to cancel the appointment and reschedule due to a personal issue, so I politely called and left and message on the machine 3 days prior. When I called back to rebook, Nancy said she never received my cancellations and will not honor this coupon. I quickly went thru my phone log and told her I would fax her a copy of the date and time that I had called. At that point she backed down because she knew I had proof. I was basically treated like I was the villian just because I had a coupon and they didn't want to honor it. I made a new appointment and wrote the Doctor a letter explaining why I couldn't make my appointment and hoped he would be understanding and sympathetic to my situation. Three weeks later, I still hadn't heard any answer so I called and spoke to someone and explained the situation and said that I would still keep my appointment even if the Doctor chose not to honor it, however, when I went in the office I would say something to the doctor. Two hours later they called me back saying that I was a threat to their office and they refused me as a client. The best part of story is that they told me the reason they didn't want to accept the coupon is because they discontinued them, come to find out that the coupons are back. I have never been treated so horrible and with such disrespect. Dr Don E Milner and his staff should be embarassed & ashamed of how they operate their institution.

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