Laser Printer Checks / Internet check printing service to beware of

Buyer Beware... Website was difficult to navigate through, so customer service a man named "Jeff" was called to assist in the navigation. Jeff was told that a quickbooks compatible check, with check on top and 2 vouchers was desired. He said click on "3 on a page" and to fax a check for bank verification etc. On line order form was completed with multiple notes where possible asking that the sample was checked.

A Few days later checks came... instead of a top check with 2 ledgers below it, came a single page with 3 checks printed on it. Vendor was contacted, with hopes the order could be re-run. Vendor offered 30% discount off the checks that could not be used. Vendor was requested to be more reasonable... to which he called the buyer dishonest. Buyer then contacted Credit Card Company used to process order because the Vendor would not issue refund or re-run the order correctly. By advise of the Credit Company the order was shipped back.

This "Jeff" has since lied to the credit company and taken the returned checks and produced "proofs" that were never provided or existed. He has also stated that a 10% discount was all that was offered to re-run the checks. He has also since lied to the credit card company that the checks were never returned... not sure why I have a FEDEX receipt showing it delivered. To a RESIDENTIAL address incidentally.

Though the store state"refund on printed items", it was this company's responsibility to at the very least provide a proof to a first time customer and verify to the best of ability the correctness of the order.

Never, Never buy from a vendor like this... the store caused the mistake, because their customer service did not listen to a customer. This vendor was asked verbally, and on two spot of comments on the on-line order form to look at the voided check that was required to be faxed anyway. This store does not care about getting the order correct... they already have the money from the check out. The payment from your credit card company can not be refunded, if he refuses to return it. VERY VERY POOR Customer relation- but on the internet- he only needs one order per hit anyway. Google wanted this vendor at check out not after the order delivered... hard to rate service before completed. The stars on this site are in error.


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