Laser Perfect Hair removal / DOES NOT WORK! BURNS!!

1 Miami, FL, United States

I wanted to have all the hair on my body removed and so I called this company. The agreed to give me the 6 treatments for $3000, and took $1000 down over the phone at making the appoitment. One day after the first treatment, all my face was completely burned and coered with black spots; my legs and buttocks were burned, my back litteraly covered with acne. I just spent the last 12 days at home, I'm so ashamed of my face, refusing to go out.

When I called to cancel the treatment and ask for something to put on the black spots, they told me to do my research and put whatever cream I want on it, as the spots are going to take months to leave. As they had told me that if my body did not react well to the treatment they would refund me, I decided to go that route, as I did not want to take any chance to damage my face. I'm still fighting with them...Not only did they not want to talk to me for the 1st refund, they charged my card a second time for $1000 without giving me any treatments. I will dispute these $2000 with every last cent that I have...and PLEASE take my advice, don't do hair removal...and MOSTLY don't go to this company.

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