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Las Vegas Arena / Bias Search Results

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States

Date [protected]
When you search the keywords..."Las Vegas Arena" MGM Grand and MGM Grand Garden Arena Dominates the search results!! Why is that? Are that paying one of your employees to keep them at the top of everything?? MGM Grand Garden has nothing to do with Las Vegas Arena so why are they coming up and taking over everything when the LAS VEGAS ARENA keywords are searched? They are number one on the entire page!! Why is that?? And they are not paid ads so there must be someone there making sure they stay in those positions!! Why?? Why cant you people be honest and not be crooked about your search placements?? And please don't give me that bull crap about you do not have any control over how the search results are because that is bullcrap!! MGM Grand or Grand Garden shouldn't even come up when LAS VEGAS ARENA is searched!! Can you please fix that because it is not fair on other business that would like to get an honest position when the keywords LAS VEGAS ARENA is searched!! You people purposely make sure they are on top and they dominate the search results and that is not fair!!! And you make sure our website stay at the bottom of the page!! Why??Please fix this!! Thank you!!

Las Vegas Arena

Jun 30, 2015

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