Larsen's Towing / Illegal vehicle towing

1 Tampa FloridaTampa, US

I believe these are the most unscrupulous, lowlife. POS ### in town. They appear to flaunt the law like it doesn't apply to them, but they screwed with the wrong guy. I am one vindictive SOB and this will be the costliest $300 they have ever put in their pocket.

When I called them out on their potential illegal towing operation and in my opinion, ongoing criminal enterprise, they stated I should suit them, but there's a long line, so good luck. They think they're tough guys talking crap, while hiding like the cowards they are behind protective fences.

So Nope... not going to file suit yet, that's to good for them. I have filed complaints with Hillsborough County Public Transportation, FDLE and The Florida Attorney General, just to start with. I also encourage anyone else who feels they were illegally towed by Larsens to do the same.

After they are found in violation of the law I will retain a class action attorney and put them out of business for good. I do not care if I spend tens of thousands and recoup nothing, as long as Larsens pays for their behavior. IT IS THE PRINCIPLE NOT THE MONEY!

If you have had difficulty in reaching anyone at Larsens with a brain to discuss your concerns I suggest you speak personally with the local managing member MARK JAN KARA. He and his wife BRANDY DIANE KARA live in their million dollar home, paid for with your hard earned money at 12721 INWOOD FARM RD, THONOTOSASSA, FL

You may also have success in reaching him to discuss face-to-face at his other facility which does not have a gated entrance to hide behind and avoid your questions: 1386 SR 574 E (MLK BLVD) SEFFNER, FL 33584

Nov 04, 2016

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