Larry H. Miller DodgeTruth

Mormons just don't have the numbers on the east coast. People there are way too wise to buy in to their creepy ideology based on the rantings of an 1800s con man. The western U.S. is where that "group" has gotten its claws into people. Their numbers keep growing due to the multiple babies they force their wives into having and because their recruitment tactics work on the unsophisticated. They have been unable to penetrate into the worlds of the savvy, cautious northeasterners, though. Northeasterners just won't put up with it. If you trespass on a New Englander's property to knock on his/her door, he/she will intelligently curse at you using multisyllabic words, then he/she will hire a lawyer to make SURE you never return.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Boston, MA Out west, people are poor, uneducated, downtrodden, and easily bullied. Why do you think *they* chose Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, etc., for their "business ventures" and "recruitment"? A certain evil German dictator did the same thing. He overtook impoverished, beaten-down people that just needed something to cling to. He easily convinced them that he was was their answer to EVERYTHING and they followed him like lemmings. That evil German man taught the hatred of certain people based on race or religion. So does this "group". If move to the northeast, unfortunately you'll face cold weather. But *they* will NEVER bother you. You will be able to escape the greed, corruption and Pathos they pass off as "religion". They don't show up where they can't gain power or recruit idiots. They have no credibility with the people in New England, NY, NJ, etc. Trust me.

Feb 09, 2015

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