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Larry Bahr / Ebay / Paypal scammer

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Contact information:
Larry Bahr
306 8th St N
Phone: 218-641-0329
Larry Bahr, aka "CRAZY LARRY" on eBay forums manipulates the system to defraud buyers / sellers.

eBay screen name: sirlarbar111

Advise not to deal with him as a buyer or a seller. He specializes in "item not received" complaints through both eBay and PayPal.


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A  13th of Jan, 2009 by 
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Yeah, this can be a problem. As a seller on Ebay (100% feed back BTW), I always ship with the item insured AND require a signature. It's cheap since UPS insures the first hundred dollars free and can save your piece of mind;not to mention your hard earned money.If the item is worth more, buy the extra coverage.It's only a few dollars.That way Fed Ex, UPS or even the USPS has to show they did deliver it to the right address, not to mention, you have a signed paper showing it was delivered.
A  23rd of Jan, 2009 by 
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Holy cow! I was scammed by this jerk as well...

Total BottomFeeder.
A  26th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Total scam artist. The postal inspection service is investigating Larry. It is only a matter of time now ...
A  7th of Mar, 2009 by 
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Please report this guy to any and all agencies that you can. This guy is a fraud.
A  18th of Sep, 2009 by 
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Update: Larry Bahr was arrested this morning in a raid of his home by postal inspectors and the FBI. He was involved in a long standing fraud on eBay. He was ordering high dollar items and then filing false charge backs with Paypal. Sometimes, he would send "returns" to honest sellers but include nothing but an empty box with newspapers in it. Larry Bahr has thumbed his nose at the law for years now and it has finally caught up with the elusive con man. Enjoy the pen buddy! They will love your bogus Vietnam vet war stories there too.
N  2nd of May, 2010 by 
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The above story or I should say complaint is phony, I run a very legit business on ebay buying and selling pocket knives on ebay, mostly buying as I make very little if any pprofit, I served in Vietnam, but seldom talk about it, and was horrified when someone told me about this web page and that I was on it, tI believe the author of such nonsense was a nutty buyer seller who tried to burn me and then was upset when he got caught and lost his paypal claim and ended up with bad feedback, if you have seen my ebay feedback, my ebay ID is SIRLARBAR111, you will see I have very good feedback, I have never been arrested and have a good record in my community where I attend church and am local VFW commander, enough said, do not beleive everything you hear.
A  7th of Mar, 2011 by 
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I'm David with Knives And More. Larry placed a large order and then complained about one of his knives. I told him to send it back for a refund, but he replied that I had to either pay him more for it if he shipped it back or to just refund him some of the money and let him keep it. I replied that he can send it back regular mail and I will refund him for that. Today I received an envelope with nothing in it. I called over the postmaster to open and inspect it and then refuse delivery. I contacted my credit card processor who said they would contact his bank.
N  7th of Mar, 2011 by 
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The seller above is another one of those so called cutlery salesmen who sells fake chinese knock off knives yet when you purchase the knives the pictures shown on sales page are ones of name brand knives like M-tech. threw my name up on this silly webpage with out thinking I could do the same!!!
A  7th of Mar, 2011 by 
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The knife in question was a generic Chinese butterfly knife for $14.99. I do have actual MTech brands and generics in those designs. The product page did not mention MTech at all, but unfortunately I uploaded the product image with a MTech logo. Larry placed a large order and contacted me when he received it. I apologized and asked him to return it for a refund. He then asked that I let him keep it and get $5 off or he would complain to the BBB. I said no and to return it. Then I received the empty envelope.

I sell Bear and Son, Smith and Wesson, Schrade, Case, Winchester, Bradley, etc, etc. I also sell cheap Chinese made butterfly knives. Larry purchased a cheap Chinese butterfly knife and complained that it did not have the MTech logo, which is also a Chinese knife with a logo. I would have and still will refund it for him, but only after he sends it back and doesn't try to pull the same thing today.

I have been in business for just under 2 years, but my reputation is awesome. So you can say whatever you want about me, but I have warned the other knife stores about you. At your age you should know better than to do something like that. It is wrong and childish.

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