Larrious Scotts / Capuchin Monkey Scam

1 United States

Thanks for your mail and the interest in our ad and sorry for not getting back to you on time. In placing our baby for a loving home we intend to get her the best home.We are in B]Harare, Zimbabwe [/b]and we are letting our baby go because of the political tension this way that is making us scared of the outbreak of war in the country so we decided to let her go to any loving home where she will be safed and well taken care of.A friend advised us just this morning that we place her on this site that we will be able to get her a loving home in South Africa. All we are interested in is a loving home for her.We are not selling her.We are not breeders but raised her for a hobby.

we are letting her go on free adoption but on conditions that;

1)you are going to take very good care of her
2)you will never sell her
3) you will be sending us photos so that we know how she's doing.
4)you are going to pay her shipping fees.

Shipping and handling fees from Harare to (country withheld) is just $250.00 and you will have to pay for the shipping fees directly to the carrier agents.The carrier agents will hand you all papers when they come fro delivery.

All we need from you is your complete home delivery address where she will delivered and the nearest airport to your location and we will arrange for shipping this way.

That said, if we have all your details today, then we will drop her to the carrier agents. Shipping duration from Harare to(country withheld) is just about x hours.

What's your experience with primates and capuchin monkeys?
Do you have other pets at home?
When do you intend taking her?
What's the nature of your job?

Get back asap if you accept the above conditions so that we proceed.
Waiting to read from you asap.


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