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Larissa Desvignes / Rent a Center Lies and Mistreats their Customers

1 Clinton, IA, United States

Up until October 2008 I had been a customer with Rent a Center in Clinton, IA since the year 2001. I have bought many things from this store but I am never going to be a customer of any Rent a Center Store again. I will never recommend Rent a Center to a Friend, Family member or my worst enemy! I will shout at the top of my lungs for everyone to hear that Rent a Center is NOT a Company to do any business with. When I am done with this letter I am going to write many more and plan to keep this up until something is done about the services and customer care and the lies we as customers are told.
But like I said I have bought many things over the years from Rent A Center 2 or 3 bedroom sets – paid out right, washer and dryer set-paid off cannot count how many living room sets and dining room sets. Now I’m not going to tell you that all my payments was on time because we all know that things happen but I always paid my stuff on and usually way before the time was up before the contracted ended and then I was buying something else from Rent a Center. But the big problems started last year first over a bedroom set that my daughter had wanted really bad every week for 3 months they told me oh its coming its coming then one night I went in and they said “OH we will be delivering Monday” So I paid on it. GUESS WHAT Monday comes and they tell me that they do not have a whole bed!! Come to find out they was getting me a bed out of a storage unit and not all the parts was there. Well I pushed it off as oh well crap happens. Then in Jan, 2008 I find this living room set that I just have to have for my birthday and I start getting the same game oh it will be in and it will be here. Now I go into the store on Tuesday, grant you my birthday is Friday and this is what I want but no one seems to know what I am talking about WHAT SOFA! I’m so mad, I come home so mad and I cannot think of what to do but since I love the internet I get online and I go to Rent A Centers website and I make my complaint. The next day the GM of the Store here calls me and I tell him what is going on. He realize he remembers me over a issue with a Big Screen TV that when we got it I did not have a owner’s manual or the right remote for it and had been asking for one for quite some time. And he had delivered that remote to me the same day at my home. He also remembered the issue’s I had told him about with the bedroom set, some other things that I had been unhappy about with the people at the Clinton Store. But with the sofa he promised me I would have my sofa on Friday and I did. I had the sofa not even 2 months and it had all ready looked like it was 2 years old just from normal sitting on it. NO SLEEPING OR EATING ALLOW on this sofa but the padding was all ready breaking down. I had fallen and shattered my ankle 3 days after my birthday so getting out of my house was a real job in its self but I made my husband take me up to Rent a Center because I was so upset over the sofa. I talked to Brandon who was the manager at the time and also who the GM told me to talk to because he is who would handle my needs and if not he could get a hold of the GM for me. We did not get things taken care of that day I actually left the store pretty mad but ok I still have this sofa and my big screen TV from them. Eventually they got in a sofa I really liked and they replaced my sectional sofa with it. At that time I was really happy until I went to the Quad Cities and found the same SOFA BRAND NEW like the one I got but about $800.00 cheaper than I paid for mine. I asked the salesman is this been used because of the price he said no actually it just came of the delivery truck that day. Now mad is not the word for what I am! But I go on about my way I go into the Clinton Rent a Center a few days later and got told “no this sofa is the same price as was your sectional” so it’s not worth the fight or energy no more. At this point I decide that I have some big money coming in next few months and when I get this money I am paying my living room furniture off and my Big Screen TV and I do! I think if I remember right I gave about $1, 789.00 that day and I was so happy I was done with it. EXCEPT now when I pay my stuff off I’m being informed that, this insurance for protection plan that I was told when I got it would cover my property bought by them for a year after payoff would NO LONGER BE COVERED unless I kept paying the Insurance. I was mad and said to him since he was a new manager and one I had never seen before that this was Bull that was not what I was told when I bought the items or the insurance on them. Nor was it what Brandon had told me not even a MONTH AGO especially on my Big Screen TV. Because my big screen TV had been in the shop 2 times in the time I was paying on it and I had stressed to Brandon that I loved my TV but that I was not sure it was really worth all the money I was spending for it to have been in the shop all ready 2 times. Brandon told me and reassured me that with my insurance my TV would be covered for a year after I paid it out and for that matter as LONG AS HE WAS WORKING FOR RENT A CENTER!! Then not even two weeks or a month later Brandon was gone, moved to another store. But anyways I paid a month of insurance and asked the manager to please have his boss CALL ME because I had a matter to discuss with him. I never got that phone call and pretty much forgot about it until now. A week ago my big screen TV that I paid about $6, 000.00 for if not more is now not working right AGAIN. Now granted it has not been a full 4 months since I paid off and if I would of kept track of the times it been in the shop most likely it has not even been 6 months since the last time it was in the shop!! So I call Rent A Center and I get Kevin and I tell him that I really need to speak to the GM. He says” Larissa this you” and I said” yes it is and I’m very Upset”. I tell him about what Brandon had told me and them him leaving the store right after this and now I have a $6, 000.00 TV that has not even been paid off 4 months is not working right. He tells me “Larissa it will be ok, you come in and pay on the Insurance and we will get your TV fixed for you”. So I come in planning on paying for my insurance, and since Kevin had told me everything was going to be right with my big screen TV, my husband and I had decided we wanted to buy a 27 inch LCD TV from them also. Kevin is not there, the new guy is and he tells me I cannot get the Insurance since I am not buying anything from them. My daughter and I leave the store I’m crushed, now I’m sitting in my van crying what am I going to do now. I mean I was so happy when Kevin told me that everything was going to be ok and that it would be fixed. Now I’m slapped in the face $6, 000.00 down the drain and nothing to show for it!! Heck I paid it off before the two year contact was even up on it and they got my money what do they care if they ever have my business again right!! Well I am writing this in hopes that someone can help me but I am also going to do more research on the matter and check with the Better Business Bureau and anyone else that can help me.


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