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R Mar 15, 2013 Review updated:

This is pure theft. I ordered 2 power cords for my laptop. When they arrived, one did not work at all (no power to my laptop). The other powered up my laptop but completely disabled my mouse function. I then went to the BestBuy shop, bought a power cord from them, which worked without any problem at all, and without any interference in the functionality of my laptop (including the mouse function). I have emailed 17 times over the last 2 months to request a refund, and I have not received a single response. I have also tried live messaging them, again, with no response. This is called theft.

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      Jul 03, 2014

    I had to do the same thing: I went to Best Buy and just "bit the bullet" and bought the $60 power cord. Was tired of waiting for the idiots to just refund me or give me a replacement. The Best Buy cord cost more, of course...but of quality, with multiple plug options and best of all--WORKED. Laptoptown is a scam.

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