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Ordered Dell laptop power adapter after checking with them that their specific SKU would work. Yes, it would, they replied. Product arrived-- did not match one shown on website and, more important, .was DOA. No question about specifications - electrical specs on product they provided matched those on OEM adapter. Replies to e-mails to them are repeated requests for "what's wrong" (it's dead I keep saying), send us photograph of product we sent you (did so, but fail to see why), etc. etc. Then, again, the sixth e-mail from them: " Dear Valued Customer, Thanks for your email, it is our honor to help you.Can you tell us your original adapter's model?By the way, could you send us our products and your original photos, Please tell us specific what does not work?Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.Best Regards, Laptoptown Service Team" Around and around. Pure scam.

May 21, 2013

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  • Eg
      Jul 03, 2014

    I had the EXACT same thing happen to me. I plan to submit a complaint...for what it's worth. I attached the exact email screen shot of what they wrote me; obviously a popular "template" they use for everybody, to give them the run around. Absolutely disgusting.

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  • Eg
      Jul 03, 2014 - Scam on refund
    Laptop Town
    United States

    Ordered a power cord for my Acer Aspire laptop. When I tried it, my laptop didn't even acknowledge it. My husband tried it on his (same kind of laptop) but didn't work, either. (By the way, this is a cord THEY told me to purchase, after I provided my laptop specs.) I emailed and asked if I could return it for a refund. I got a quick response, but I could tell it was a "template" response; moreover, it was the THE most generic-sounding email--misuse of the English language, layout was horrible, etc. But worst of all, was that they started asking a bunch of questions. I kindly responded to the email, providing all the info they could possibly need--my order #, type of cord, what was wrong, my phone number, etc.

    It wasn't enough for them. They sent me another email and started asking more questions. They wanted to know--AGAIN--what was wrong with the cord. I had just explained everything in the initial email! I knew at that point they were stalling, and that it was a scam. I replied to the second email anyway, just to see how long this jargon would drag out. They replied a third time, and it got way out of hand. They wanted PICTURES taken and sent of my original cord, along with the expected repetition of "what exactly is wrong with the cord?"

    I have never heard of ANY company asking so many questions for the processing of a refund! Outrageous. While I understand there are people who try to get things for free, I was not one of them...and to prove it, I told them I would send the cord back, even at my expense (which a lot of companies will insist on paying S&H for you, or even allowing you to keep the product--no questions asked). I tried to be more than fair, and they still expected me to go through a million hoops. Disgusted, I just decided the cheap "cord battle" wasn't worth it for less than $20.

    I emailed them that I decided to not go ahead with further pursuing the refund. I was appalled that they expected so many hoops to be jumped through. That isn't typical or fair processing of a refund, by any means. They should've either (a) asked for the cord back, or (b) told me to just keep it and gave me the refund or an exchange. I was willing to pay for S&H to return it, but again, it wasn't good enough for them. They wanted to keep my money, even though it was scraps (how pathetic is it to fight over $18?), and ruin their reputation. Talk about classlessness.

    I tried in a comment section to post a screen shot of the email they sent me, but it didn't process, for some reason. I want others to know they will give you the run-around and ask for you to answer this, then answer that, then answer the original question again, then take pics, and so on. It's a means to drag it out, until you tire of the game...then, lo and behold, they get to keep your money. Lesson learned, I guess, but it gives them no right to be like that. Stay away from these con artists.

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