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I ordered a laptop charger through this website. I paid using Pay-pal and accidentally forgot to change my shipping address. This was about 9 AM this morning, by 10 I realized my mistake and quickly wrote two e-mails to them, one through their website and one using my personal e-mail account. Their website promises 24 hour customer support. I have never heard back from them. Rather, at 9 PM I simply got an automated message saying my order was shipped (to the wrong address.) I freely acknowledge my mistake but to promise 24 hour customer service and to have still not responded nearly 12 hours later is disgraceful.


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  • Pj
      Feb 09, 2012

    I also made the mistake of ordering an AC power adapter from Laptoptown. They doubled my order and billed me for two. They have yet to reply two my emails despite two attempts. They billed my CC the next business day but after 1 week my order is still 'processing' ? NO customer service... Shipping lies... DO not use laptoptown

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  • Bv
      Feb 11, 2012

    Under NO circumstances should anyone buy from Laptoptown or their parent company Gadgettown. I purchased a laptop keyboard for our son, although it did arrive a key was broken off. After multiple e-mails and attempts to contact them through their '24/7 help' line I contacted and filed a dispute with PayPal. I sent and e-mail to Laptoptown advising them of this and still no response. I then filed a claim through PayPal and again sent Laptoptown an e-mail advising I had upgraded to a claim. After 2 days I suddenly received an e-mail stating they would assist me with the problem and I could go ahead and close my claim. I advised that since multiple times trying to contact them went unanswered I would wait until the problem was resolved before I cancelled anything with PayPal. I immediately contacted PayPal about this and was advised that leaving it as a claim was fine with them. After a few days PayPal contacted me to return the keyboard and they would refund my money. I returned the keyboard through USPS with a signature card & tracking online.

    Was also advised by PayPal that if the item was refused or undeliverable they stated I would still receive my money. We will have to wait and see but I am placing my money on PayPal. However, if that falls through, I will contact my credit card company advise them of this nightmare and let them fight my battle. I have all my unanswered e-mails from laptoptown and the assistance I received from PayPal.

    In addition to all of this, I sent PayPal links to all the sites that have written complaints about Laptoptown & Gadgettown and asked if there is a process for buyers to advise PayPal of less than honest sellers using their services. Still waiting to hear back on that but my advise to all is to avoid both Laptoptown & Gadgettown like the plague.

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  • Lu
      Jun 22, 2012 - Beware of this website people
    United States

    Beware of this website people! According to some posts in, the costumer purchased a power cord then after three weeks the wires was frayed and the cords emits dangerous looking sparks. It is clear that they offer substandard products that doesn't pass international quality check.

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  • Ch
      Aug 19, 2012

    Laptoptown was a horrible experience. I bought a keyboard replacement for my Dell Laptop. Luckily, I paid with Paypals!!! They gave me a tracking number which was nice. However when it reached the post office they said it was an undeliverable address, which is weird since I use Paypal often and I have a verified address. I contacted Laptoptown multiple times via email as they have no other form of communication. They were rude and refused to give me a refund. After a month of waiting I filed a claim with Paypal, they responded with a threatening email, saying they would not refund me until I closed the dispute. Paypal has since returned my money. I would strongly recommend to shop else where. Laptoptown is a horrible place to purchase anything!!!

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  • Bi
      Aug 31, 2012

    I purchased a battery for my laptop from them three months ago. Not only does it not charge anymore it caused my laptop to shut down completely because of the battery they sold me. I had to have the laptop serviced and paid $35.00 for the service. I sent them an email today, lets see what happens.

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  • Ke
      Oct 31, 2012

    "They are very lax in customer service. They package the electronic components with NO wrapping paper, NO bubble wrap. Noting at all. The package after a long delivery time comes to you bent and damaged. Then you get bugged down with waiting for their response for an exchange. It takes about 48 hours to get a email response from the company and then they start telling you do this and do - give us a week to send you a RMA label and as to how long would it take to get a replacement?, no one knows and frankly has been a nightmare for us. We have no keyboard. They have been paid $50.00 and we have no working keyboard and got lost in the maze of so called "company policy." Avoid doing any business with this company. The service, quality of shipping is none existent. Even then, they tell you this is a "medium priority" and a "closed issue."

    Ticket ID: 15095
    > Department: Service
    > Priority: Medium
    > Status: Closed


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  • Af
      Feb 21, 2013

    We have just started this same process that we are seeing with the other complaints. The keyboard replacement part we ordered for our Aspire netbook was beat up before it was even packaged for shipping. At first it looked like it was mishandled while shipping but after looking at it closer, the back looks like a warzone. (No Kidding). Now that we've looked at all the complaints, unfortunately an hour after recieving it instead of before we made the order, we now have a piece of crap instead of just not ordering from them in the first place. Laptoptown knows what they are doing. We will send this back in the interest of getting a replacement or our money back. Instaed of getting either, we probably will get nothing and they will send our keyboard to the next unsuspecting customer., and cheat the next customer like they did us. At least it looks this way. Also, just like one of the other postings, our item arrived with no bubble wrap or other standard packaging materials used for shipping electronics. It's not looking good for us, the customer.

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  • Re
      Feb 26, 2013

    i order a charger from this co laptoptown end the send me the rownone i, i returned and i dont have noting back no money or credit no charger they have a automatic answer servise i was rob from laptoptown end no body dose noting for this co to conteniun operating like this taking money from everybody, please help were is thiS goverment to ged this tefs, PLEASE HELP ME OBAMA #[protected]

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  • Sj
      Feb 27, 2013

    I ordered a new Dell D630 keyboard. I received a used and wrong keyboard. I have filed 3 online tickets with no response from Laptoptown It has been a month since I filed the first trouble ticket.
    This is a terrible vendor.

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  • Br
      Mar 08, 2013

    I ordered a DELL laptop adapter and got a knockoff. I have sent 3 tickets and no response. I also paid for priority shipping and it took 7 days to get it. Rip-off.

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  • Tr
      Dec 12, 2013

    I ordered a keyboard for my Dell XPS M1530 which in the advertisement was exactly the same as my keyboard layout but black, exactly what I wanted. When it arrived it was a different keyboard with a very different Function Key layout. When I sent an email to them requesting to exchange it for the one I had ordered I was asked to supply pictures and detailed information why it wouldn't work. So I sent pictures of my original keyboard along with the keyboard they sent me and highlighted the keys that were different explaining why it wouldn't function correctly with my laptop. They responded by asking me for more detail on why it wouldn't work so I sent pictures and more explanations. They then told me to just install the keyboard on my laptop to see if it would work disregarding everything I told them. Now at this moment I am still trying to get an RMA # so that I can return it and get a refund but that is proving to be very difficult. They asked me if I would just keep the keyboard and they would refund 15% as a compensation. Why would I want a keyboard that doesn't function correctly on my laptop? Why not just let me exchange it for the keyboard I ordered? I've never been through so much hell for just a simple purchase. It's like I entered the twilight zone, unbelievable that a business can operate like this. I am still at this very moment just bewildered by the stupidity of Laptoptown. It's as if when you order something they just close there eyes reach in a box full of parts and send it off irregardless of what you actually ordered. UNBELIEVABLE! Whatever you do don't ever shop at Laptoptown unless you want the worst experience of you life.

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  • Ju
      Dec 25, 2013

    on December 8 2013 I order a lop top charger order #[protected] I whos to get my order from 4 to 5 days but it never arrive so I try to track my order I found they send my order to the wrong address I send to then about 3 email and I give then my home address whit no result this people are robing lot of money from lots of people but I will file a complain whit better business beauro and the atoerny general for the state of new york

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  • Ju
      Dec 28, 2013

    December 8 2013 I order a lop top charger almost a month later nothing I cant believe that the Government of the united states do nothing to care for the money lots of money this people are stilling from American citizen I have red more than 100 complaint about lop top town and pay pal they are nothing but thieves

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  • Ro
      Aug 11, 2014

    I purchased a battery for my laptop May 7 and now it does not hold a charge and causes my laptop to shut down. I have sent three message to there customer service with no response from Not only
    does it not charge anymore it caused my laptop to shut down completely. How can this company stay in business this is horable customer service. Im going to call my credit card company and file a dispute!

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  • Jo
      Oct 17, 2014

    I purchased a battery for my Dell laptop for these people. The battery arrived with a big crack and my computer says
    it is a battery that needs to be replaced!! There is no response from the company as I request an RMA from them as per their

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