Laptopreportcard.comOffers to death


Hi all! I got a mailing from laptop report card, and thought I'd give it a look, since I couldn't find any information on it on this site, and according to the Terms and Conditions, you only had to do 6 offers for a laptop. I chose the MacBook Pro, and went through the pages to check out each of the offers. You have to do two offers each from three pages.
The first two pages are very easy-- plenty of offers, many are low-cost.
The last page has only THREE offers. They are ALL awful.

Stableford Collections: minimum of $499 purchase required.
Rooms to Go Kids: $1, 500 Minimum Purchase Required, credit received upon approval of delivery
Rail Europe: Requires purchase of package for 2 (min. price $899/person)

And remember, you have to complete TWO of these offers, which would make you end up spending more than the MacBook is worth!

Also, you must have completed the site within 90 days, or you'll be disqualified. They say it can take up to 8 weeks for an offer to finish, so that doesn't leave a lot of wiggle time.

I'd advise that you avoid this site. I've already gotten junk mail in the e-mail address I created for the site, and it's been less than a half hour.

Just wanted to create a thread so other people like me won't have to go through the whole thing and then find out that it's a dud.

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